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  1. I have defaulted student loans. With the intention of rehabbing these loans, (2) Under student status it gives an incorrect withdraw date. The report also states my direct loans as FFEL loans. Additionally, since there is an offset taken from Tax Returns since 2005, I can't seem to get any verification this money was applied. I called the University as they were the receptors of the loans, I requested verification concerning the withdraw date, and why direct loans were FFEl. There response was the withdraw date was correct, and that I had no FFEL but Direct loans. Basically they repeated my questions back to me. Before I go any further, as a consumer what are my rights regarding these loans? When I ask for verification are they required to actually tell me how this was verified, basically she just went to the same website I did. I mean it behooves them to be correct because if they are incorrect there is a refund due to the loans they received. Also I requested how the direct loans became FFEL? No response from the U. Additionally I asked if I could access the applications themselves to see how I was even eligible for the loans since I was failing? The point is, do I have a right to see how my eligibility was determined? Bottom line, they told me to contact Department of Education. Who are they in the stream of this collection process. Where does the buck stop? Thanks
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