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  1. The mediation was definitely a total waste of time but was mandatory, as the judge thought it could be settled before trial...I had to pay $500 for it - PRA also paid $500
  2. Thank you. The mediation basically went like this...I arrived and spoke with the mediator separately in another room, they explained their purpose (neutral party) and the process of mediation. Thought it was strange but the mediator said PRA has a good case and the lawyer is fair but was probably going to lean towards PRA in judgement...I really felt like I was somewhat 'bullied' by them, suggesting if I lose I'd pay the plaintiff fees along with the full amt of the debt (which is true but the tone throughout made me feel like a child). While in the room with the Plaintiff's lawery, I n
  3. Interesting...just received this in the mail. I verified on the District Court website and it shows the case is closed and suit was dismissed by the Plaintiff. Does this mean I'm free and clear from the debt buyer PRA??
  4. The company is Mediators360 and the person that works there was the one that was court appointed by the district judge. I asked about the rate and they said it is already discounted from their normal rates, etc... As far as not having the $500 - not sure...trying to find that before mediation.
  5. The court assigned this mediation company and that is the fee they charge...the mediation is scheduled for four hours at a total cost of $1000, split equally between plaintiff & defendant.
  6. Thank you I'll get that together. Any advice on the mediation we're having in 10 days?
  7. Hello @texasrocker...I received the letter linked below. I guess this is their answer to the forward flow agreement? If it doesn't answer, and since it has been 30 days, should I file a motion to compel its production? Also - I have a mediation scheduled with them on 4/6 ($500 cost to me). Is there anything I should prep myself with prior to that? Court ordered to have before June trial. Can never thank you enough...
  8. Hi there @texasrocker...I finally received some documents back in response to my queries. If you don't mind taking a look, really appreciated. Affidavit of Claim and Certification of Amt Due - Exhibit B - Bill of Sale and Assignment of Assets - Plaintiff Responses to Discovery Requests - Plaintiff Responses to Request for Production - h
  9. Thank you that is what I thought as well on SOL. 30d to answer Discovery also makes sense...again thank you. I'll look through the TRCP as well.
  10. Hi there @texasrocker...I received the linked Mediator cover sheet and Scheduling Order (Expedited Action). An initial trial setting in June next year. No answers to the previous documents sent, yet. Assuming perhaps I will receive something with the trial setting happening 6mos from now. Seen this before? Also, does statute of limitations come into play if this is delayed beyond Oct '16? (4yr date) Link -
  11. Not sure what to do (other than respond) in this matter. Family of 5 now with mother-in-law staying with us, only my paycheck to support. Enough of the sob story, unimportant at this point...hope someone is able to help me out. I've read up a bit based on what was posted...I believe @texasrocker & @TomnTex are who I'm needing - really would appreciate your help. 1. Who is the named plaintiff in the suit? PORTFOLIO RECOVERY ASSOCIATES LLC / ASSIGNEE OF US BANK NATIONAL ASSOCIATION / US BANK NATIONAL ASSOCIATION 2. What is the name of the law firm handling the suit? (should be lis