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  1. Thanks Shellie! I am going to do as you suggested. I appreciate your response very much. I don't understand how the CRA is not understanding the documents that were sent from me disputing the validity. Those court docs are signed by the attorneys for the plaintiff for (midland funding) with the dismissal on it which to me is their response to the "collection".
  2. Will do - its obviously frustrating at this point to get so far. This forum was pivotal and my main resource for assisting me - and thank you does magnify the amount of gratitude . I am close to getting my financial house in order!
  3. First - thank you!!! Both were voluntarily dismissed by the plaintiff - midland funding. The court document stated dismissed without prejudice. Your response is appreciated, I am trying to get my credit on point...and these are the only 2 issues. I guess I should be grateful its only 2.
  4. I really need some help with this same issue. So last year i was searching the forums to get help with 2 credit cards that went to junk debt buyers....Midland Funding (south carolina). Fortunately, both cases were dismissed without prejudice!!!!!! thank you both for your posts!!! So, now Midland Credit (CA)which according to their website is also Midland Funding has put both collections on my credit. I have tried several time to dispute these reports. Sending in copies of the court docs with the dismissal; a print off of their company website showing that this is still them an
  5. I have a question, if the interrogatories were not sent with the original summons; and so noted by the judge at a hearing for summary judgement; it sounds like I still need to respond? (which was denied) how do I respond if I didn't get them?
  6. I have been researched a few different forums and found what has helped me to date! Praise God and the forum!!! So last week I had to appear for the Plaintiff's request for summary judgement. The judge sent his judgement by mail and was received today and boy was it great! A victory at this point. But I want to make sure this gets ended and perhaps bypass their request to go to trial. I suppose I have more research to do but I want to beat them to the punch if possible!......to the original request for summary judgement i sent certified mail the research that was already done by another p