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  1. Thanks for the answers. My loan was not a lot of money and I switched schools after the first year because my scholarship didn't grant me enough for me to want to pay the price tag. That being said, Im able to pay the bill. What I don't understand is why they wouldn't want to put you through rehabilitation and get their money from you. It seems criminal for them to have a hold on you to have to pay in full. What would happen to people in the link provided in previous post by Willingtocope above of people who owe a hundred k or more. It seems odd to me that once you start paying the loan
  2. Hey I actually got the settlement for 6,900. However and I was unaware of this, that they said I would have to pay taxes on the difference (almost 10k). I did my research and seems like the government sees this as income and they tax you. I honestly think thins is crazy. Is there any possible way t get out of paying these taxes? There is some serious argument for the government being at fault for forcing these banks to approve these loans. This loan is really frustrating things for me. Is there any way around this?
  3. Thanks again, its really crazy what they are doing. I don't understand this bullish strategy. I'm lucky that my loans weren't so high. How do these people expect you to actually pay the loan in full. Im sure they buy these loans from people at a lower rate and use the charge off to settle higher than what they paid for it. It seems absolutely sick to me they don't have a rehabilitation process.
  4. I'm pretty sure its not government related loan. Keybank is the name of the lender that bought the loan. It is private it seems. However, I do know that all these loans were guaranteed by the government which is probably what got us in this mess to begin with, I don't think kids should be granted this type of money and then be punished for it later on. Like I havent' done full research but from my knowledge the govnt had laws in place that dissallowed banks to refuse loans. Is this at all true, it could be that the government will help with the rest. What makes you suspicious its not a p
  5. Thank you so much for your helpful information, this really means a lot to me. I'm going to be getting my credit scores from myfico and posting them soon. I had some other questions and would be grateful if you helped me out some more: The total for my loan is 16,800 dollars. What does it mean exactly that they won't sell the balance? Would they say that it was "paid in full" if it was settled at a much lower cost? When I ask for this stuff in writing, what exactly will they be sending me? E-mail, paper-work? Reading up on pay for delete seems like its difficult to do? How should I
  6. So before I do anything with the above, should I get my real credit scores from FICO? Honestly, my biggest concerns are what were outlined in the first post, I understand if everything can't be answered, however, dealing with this student loan is my utmost priority!
  7. I have gotten my report twice this year, the only negative thing on the credit score is this CO. Why do I have to pay the debt in full for it to be thought of as covered? Why if Im making paynets do they have to report me. I can get credit cards its just a problem with the great rewards credit cards that are giving me an issue. AMEX GOLD and Citi Bank Thank You premier. My transUnnion credit score is 810. Will my credit go down if I ask for the others from experian or equifax? Will myfico.com give me credit scores from all three? Also, my biggest concern is how best to remove it
  8. The loan was with one bank, as soon as it defaulted and charged off another bank took the responsibility for getting the payments. So yes, Im technically paying the people who took over the loan. Even though you say it doesn't effect credit worthiness, I have to say nay to that. I am not able to get a n amazon prime card, or any really good credit card AMEX gold has sent me many offers but as soon as I apply they see the CO and automatically deny me. I've tried city bank thank you card and have also been denied. They do effect your credit. Will I be able to get the CO off of my cr
  9. Hello everyone, I have a multitude of questions that I need advice for. A couple of years back, around 2010 I had a couple of student loans that went into chargoff, I was able to have 2 of them in rehabilitation and are no longer affecting my credit. One of them however, has charged off, it is pretty high around 17000 dollars, however I have been paying them monthly over the course of 5 or 6 years. What I do not understand is why, even though I am making payments every month, they report it to the credit agencies as a charge off. I've offered them money to just take it off my cr