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  1. How did you find an attorney for this? I'm afraid that I am going to be sued too if i don't ask fast. I received a letter from capital one that i owe them $635. But i don't owe them anything because I don't even have a credit card from them. So now I'm trying to find an attorney or somebody that can help me with this before it goes to court.
  2. I just received a letter from capital one,which was sent to my old address, and its saying that I have a balance of $635.42 with them and that it's with midland funding now. I have a problem with this because first of all, I don't have a capital one credit card. Second, I'm 20 years old, and I only have 1 credit card, which was a credit card from my bank with a limit of$300. Can somebody help me. How do I deal with this. I received the letter just today from my friend, and it was dated november 14,2015. I emailed capital one already telling them that I don't have any credit card with them. And I googled midland funding, and found out that they will sue you if you dont get back to them. I'm so confused of how to deal with these. can somebody help me, please.....