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  1. ok got it thank you, so now to the CMRRR (I'm a go ahead and use it thanks RyanEX for your input still going to use it to feel more at ease) since im having a cousin of mine serve the paper at the post office does the cmrrr have to be under his name and address or can I put my name and adress
  2. ok got it now I'm second guessing myself originally in section 5 of the pos-030 where it states name and address of person being sued I originally put cavalry and the address of the attorney but now im thinking do i have to put name of the law firm or the bank
  3. yes the cause of actions are account stated and money lent, and yes the account was bought after 1/1/14. So you are saying go to post office first send general denial with POS and take the general denial along with pos to courthouse
  4. Ok so after having a cram session all day Sunday and the wee hours of Monday I have my action plan which I will be going forward with so if anyone finds anything they might suggest or that I might be doing wrong please let me know and also what are the next steps. I have 2 copies of general denial (PLD-050) along with two copies of proof of service (POS-030) I will be headed to file with the clerk 2 copies of each getting them stamped and filed one and the other copy I will have my neighbor do the serving at my local post office it is my understanding you go to the court first get copies stamped and then head out to the post office and have them sent. Quick questions do proof of service need to be filed with the court. And I have started on my BOP so I can get the ball rolling. let me know if im missing anything
  5. Hello folks, first of let me send out a thanks boy am I glad I ran into this site so much information, knowledge, and some pretty great folks all put into one place Awesome. Now to the not so awesome thing I was served a couple weeks ago and need to make a move as my 30 days will be up in the coming days (I know I should not have waited this long but I did have to deal with some pretty hard personal issues during these past weeks). So Calvary SPV is suing me as assignee of Citibank NA here in California for under $5,000 the summons includes a photocopy of a credit card statement (does this mean verified) I know my first thing to do is respond to the summons and ask for verification but would like to see if I can get a more detailed info on how to do that correctly and ask you members does a statement show proof of verification. Thanks in advance
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