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  1. I also got a letter, via USPS, stating that my: CERTIFIED BENEFITS STATEMENT Notice of Reduction Benefits: Michael Kxxxxxxxx, records indicate that you owe a combined total of up to $XXXXX to several credit card agencies. Unfortunately, this report also shows you have likely been late on a minimum payment and your account balances may have exceeded or are near their limits. This program is limited to only the beneficiary above is non-transferable. Notice of Resolution: After reviewing your situation, it has been determined you may resolve this distressed debt for $XXXX The aforementioned program benefits must be redeemed by Midnight of December 18, 2015. Failure to accept benefits in a timely manner may affect your legal rights. Please do not delay, call 1-888-247-6802 immediately in order to avoid loss of these benefits. So, it's a 70% Resolution of Past Due Debt. Benefits Included: No 3rd Party Fees 1 Payment per Month Avoid Costly Debt Management Programs ‚ÄčImmediate Reduction of Payments up to 70% Credit is Restored by Avoiding Bankruptcy ‚ÄčStop Calls From Creditors & Collectors ***** My question is whether this can work, if not what do the providers of this get from me? ***** Assuming this is a scam, how did they get this information about me? ***** What is the best solution to consolidate my debt?
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