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  1. From what I'm reading, it looks like my state, Missouri, does NOT allow filing a MTC arbitration in lieu of an answer. So what does that mean for me? What is my next step? Do I still file the MTC, just with an answer? What is my answer? I'm so lost. :/ My date to appear is January 26th so I want to get this done ASAP, if there is still anything I need to do before then.
  2. I just called the court clerk to ask about filing a MTC in lieu of an answer and she said, "I don't know. You can file whatever you'd like." Soooo...that's not helpful. How do I find that answer without contacting a lawyer?
  3. Thanks! I swear before you had included a link with all of that information about the JAMS stuff but I'm not finding it now. Any chance you could reshare it?
  4. How can they not prove it? You really think if I request arbitration that they'll just throw in the towel?
  5. Have any of you been sued by Cavalry, filed a motion requesting arbitration, and won?
  6. Or is that part of the "We WILL pay your arbitration fees if you ask" from the card agreement?
  7. Thanks! I'm a little confused by the JAMS demand form... The filing fee is $1,200. Do I need to pay that?
  8. Page 5 is where it states the arbitration clause. This is from carecredit's site. I signed up in 2012, but this is from 2014... Do you think this will work? Is this what I need to include as exhibit A?
  9. I can't find my carecredit user agreement anywhere. I just requested the user agreement from my account when I signed up from their website, but it said it could take up to 30 days. That's more time than when I'm supposed to appear in court. If I call, will I get that information faster? Or should I avoid calling at this point?
  10. Thank you all very much. I just got served... blah. My date to appear is 1/26. Do I have enough time to do all of this before then?
  11. Thank you so much!! I'm a little confused, though...Do I send this to the law firm that is working with Synchrony? Or the Court Clerk? I have not yet been served, so do I have to wait till I've actually been served to send this, or can I do it now?
  12. It doesn't. It does show that it is Charged off but does not show when. So, I guess now I'm just waiting to be served, right? What will I need to do once that finally happens? How long usually until that happens after the suit has been filed?
  13. Through my annual credit report, I was able to find the date of 1st delinquency was 05/2013, but was not able to find the last payment date. Does SOL start with the last payment, or 1st delinquency?
  14. Thank you so much for your help. I called the Court Clerk's office and she told me everything that she had available. She said that they have not claimed that I've been served yet, but that I will be. It also was not Target like I had assumed. It was a carecredit card, which is through GE Capital, which is now Synchrony. The SOL in MO is 5 years.
  15. Ok, actually...I just called the court clerk's office. I have not yet been served but it is showing up in their system that I will be. It is NOT Target, but CareCredit, and the amount is around $3,000.
  16. I'm in Missouri. I have to call/go to the court clerk's office to see that info, but I'm assuming it was a credit card issued through Target. The amount is around $9,000.
  17. Yes, sorry about that! I tried to go back and delete my other posts but I an't figure out how! No, I have not yet been served. I got back from Christmas vacation and had letters from several law offices in town saying that I have been sued. It does come up on a search and it says the disposition is not disposed, and it's an AC suit on account.
  18. Thank you! Sorry for all the posts...I was nervous and looking for a quick answer. I'll delete my other questions. The case shows up on case(dot)net in my state, and just says not disposed. I do know what this is referencing, and they have tried to contact me several times to get me to pay, but I always ignored calls because I was scared, and didn't have the money to pay...I know that was unwise, but I didn't know what else to do. I was a target credit card holder and got behind on payments, so they turned it over to a collector. So how do I go about finding out information about when the last payment was that I made, and if this is the right collector that I now owe?
  19. I've received several letters from local lawyers saying that I've been listed as a defendant in a case filed by Cavalry SPV I, LLC. I have not yet been served. Is it too late to contact them and request debt validation? If so, what do I do next? Please help! I'm totally clueless and have no idea what to do!
  20. I'm trying to contact Cavalry SPV I, LLC, but I can't find any contact info. What comes up in a google search is Cavalry Portfolio Services. Is this the same company? I'm trying to contact them to settle a debt.
  21. Hi! We just got back from our Christmas break to find letters in the mail from several local law offices alerting us that I have been listed as a defendant in a claim from Cavalry SPV I, LLC for a defaulted account. I am wanting to contact them directly to settle out of court. Is this possible at this point? I can't seem to find any of their information. Please help!!