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  1. About me: I am 29 years old and am considering graduate school in the coming two years which may require me to move back to the U.S. I worry about my current score and circumstances affecting my ability to rent an apartment or take out student or car loans. I have a current FICO score of 605 with credit union scores around the 590s. I have recently paid off a five year car loan and have three other cards in good standing. Two cards never carry a balance for longer than 1 month and the last card ($2900) is paid off regularly. I have two cards that are charged off. One of them has been settled for less than the balance. The other is My problem: I have an account that charged off for $675 with the Chase Slate Card. It was an honest and stupid mistake not to pay it as I was perfectly capable of paying it but was living abroad, had forgotten I had transferred a balance to this account, did not receive email notifications of delinquency, and family who received all statements/notifications failed to notify me that the account was delinquent. The account is showing as delinquent in January or February of 2015 and having charged off six months ago. If I am trying to rebuild my score, is it better to contact Chase and seek to repay the full debt or should I leave it at this point, assuming the damage is done? Is there any danger or risk in contacting Chase? Thanks!!
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