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  1. So I have a debt for $455 with bank of the west. They have sold to a collection agency. Both the OC and the CA have reported negatively. Who do I pay? If I negotiate a pay for delete with the CA then the OC still has their negative TL on my report. This was a bank account overdraft not a Credit card acct.
  2. So I posted a thread titled Wells Fargo is trippin about a month ago. Basically saying that WF is reporting a negative debt on my credit for an account that belonged to my mom with myself having been added as an authorized user. I never had a card. I got a few great informative replies. I did file a complaint with the consumer protection agency. This is my response and It came from Wells Fargo. It is so full of crap! I circled the part where they say they did not report it on my credit! They have been reporting it since 08! I have attached the letters they sent me. They also say that the records indicate that I was the primary owner on the account two months prior to my mother following her bankruptcy in 08 that is a straight up lie. Number two is the 2nd lie. They sent two cards out to my mother and they were both in my mothers name not one card was ever in my name. What could I do now? Do you count has been sold should I contact the collection agency and what should I say to them?
  3. This is the weirdest thing!!! My brother was so impressed with the results on my credit repair work that I have done that he decided to ask me to help him. So we pulled his 3 reports and there is a Bank of America credit card with a $24,500.00 limit and a $15,000.00 balance owed that has perfect credit history on without so much as a 30 day late mark! He has absolutely no idea who on Gods green earth would have a credit card using his name and social security number!!! So in one way it's great because it looks like he has this great account that he is paying as agreed impeccably!!! BUT......... What should he really do about this???
  4. I just pulled my credit report and there are 13 different medical collections from only 3 separate vivits. There are 4 different collections from the same date with different account numbers and small amounts like $44 and $67 and $98 like they charged me individually for things and reported separately to the bureaus for treatment that occurred in one trip to the ER. Is this legal to report so many times like that on my report? What is the best way to handle these? PFD?
  5. They have been reporting to all 3 major bureaus since 09.
  6. I have a question for you.  Does one have to find an attorney to sue the CRA for a violation? And if so, would it be worth it?

    1. fisthardcheese


      No you are not required to, however, if you plan to sue in federal court I would recommend having an attorney.  There is more of a chance on having your case tossed out of court for a mistake on procedure due to not knowing the federal rules of the court very well.... and the other side knows this and will try to trip you up on technicalities if you don't have an attorney.  The FCRA allows for attorneys fees to be paid by the other side if a consumer wins their case, so yes, usually it is worth it.  Most consumer attorneys will accept a good case at no up front cost, since the law allows them to collect their fees from the CRA or Creditor.

      Another option is to use arbitration.  This is the route I recommend the most for a CRA.  An attorney is not needed and the CRAs hate arbitration because it would cost them $5k - $10k to complete and the only thing they could possibly win is just the right to continue reporting items on your credit reports.  They will just be out all the money for no real gain. This causes them to settle rather quickly.

    2. supercooper


      Well thank you so much! Your advice has been most helpful! 

      Can you tell me where I can find out more info on arbitration?

    3. fisthardcheese


      In terms of a CRA, they all put arbitration in their agreements listing AAA -

      A CRA is even better than a credit card with arbitration, because you don't owe a CRA anything.  They can't file a counter claim against you or win any money from you - so if you file an arbitration claim against them, they will have to pay the $5k arb fees and the only thing they could possibly get from it if they completely win the case is to simply keep reporting things you are disputing on your credit reports.  This is not a very big incentive for their $5k, so instead, they tend to very quickly settle with you before arbitration even begins.

      In the past, I have filed a claim with AAA (the AAA rules explain the steps needed to file - but essentially you fill out their demand form, send a copy of the form along with a letter explaining your claim to the CRA (I tell the CRA that they have violated FCRA by verifying incorrect information - or whatever your particular issue is) and you must state what you are asking for (such as $1000 in statutory damages and removal of the incorrect account).  Then you can email AAA a copy of the letter and demand form that you sent to the CRA along with a copy of the arbitration agreement in their agreements that list AAA.   When I do this, I have usually gotten a call from either the CRA CEO or their corporate attorney within a couple weeks who agree to settle for exactly what I ask for in exchange for dropping my arbitration claim.

  7. Hi guys! I need some advice for a problem that Im havbing with Wells Fargo. My mother added me as an authorized user to her Wells Fargo Master card in 2004. I never received a card for myself. I also never used this acct. We did this simply to have her perfect credit rating roll over onto my credit report. Then in 2008 my mom was laid off of her $150,000 a year job and had to file a chapter 13 BK. She listed her WF MC in her BK, but failed to take me off the acct first. They have been coming after me for the $15,000. balance ever since. I tried calling them to explain what happened. They have just told me that their records show that I am the primary on the acct. Not to mention that her BK was filed 7 plus years ago. What should I do next?
  8. Thank you so much for the advise! In your last paragraph can youelaborate a little on exactly what I should tell this CA?? Thanks a bunch!!
  9. So I did read the article relating to DV for CA for a medical bill. I went ahead and sent it anyway. They sent me a copy of their own statement showing an unpaid medical debt from 2008. Nothing from the OC. Shouldn't this have fallen off if it has been over 7 years? What do I do if this letter is the only response I get from this DV request?
  10. I filed chapter 7 BK a couple of years ago. We had a faulty apartment manager who was trying to evict us and I had to file a bankruptcy to stop the proceedings. She AA soon fired and I let the BK be dismissed by the court. It never went farther than me filing. But now it is on my credit report and says it will be on there until 2023!! Can I have this removed?
  11. So I have two negative accts on my credit report. They are from two tow yards and I have no idea what these are. I can't treat them like a collection acct and send a DV letter. And it's not really an OC because Ido not have any agreement or contract with them. I have no idea why this is on my credit report. Should I just dispute them with the credit bureau?
  12. So I have two negative accts on my credit report. They are from two tow yards and I have no idea what these are. I can't treat them like a collection acct and send a DV letter. And it's not really an OC because Ido not have any agreement or contract with them. I have no idea why this is on my credit report. Should I just dispute them with the credit bureau?