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  1. I like the facts . I need to know what I am supposed to do. The debt is maybe $2,000 that includes late fees/lawyer fees etc... Should I just go to mediation and try and make an offer their or over the phone with Pollack and Rosen?
  2. A 20 day summons from Capital One and Pollack and Rosen was left at my door regarding a possible debt. I did not sign this summons, and was curious if that will hold up in court? Also we have mediation set up for the end of this month and I am not sure what I should say or bring with me. I tried calling Pollack and Rosen today as well as Capital one. I explained to Pollack and Rosen that I never signed any documents and really wasn't served anything. I asked Capital one if there was a way to settle claimed debt with them and they said no. I did some research today and saw that it is a requirement for them to send me a 30 day notice 559.715 fla sta which did not happen. Thank you
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