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  1. Yes. that is the school I went to. My guess is that I owe it or else why would they sue me? Yet they haven't shown proof of that yet.... However, I don't think I should owe the $3,700 in fees and interest seeing as I never received a bill, statement, or notice regarding the loan which was from 2009. It also does not appear on my credit report. It is in civil court.
  2. 1. The plaintiff is New England Institute of Technology in Rhode Island. 2. I am not sure if I did take out this private loan. There is a chance I did which is why I just need to see the contract. (I know I took out Federal, but I'm unsure about these Private loans). 3. I don't recall EVER making a payment. If I do owe these loans it is my fault although I was under the impression that all my loans were Federal. 4. I have until next Thursday to respond.
  3. Thank you, I have been reading the rule of civil procedure although I do not understand it 100%. I plan to respond to the complaint; is that where I ask for the production of documents/evidence? I'm having a heck of a time understanding what to say in my response and WHEN to ask for the documentation that they are holding.
  4. I'll try to keep this brief...I'm wondering if anyone can assist? I was contacted by a lawyer in Rhode Island in regards to alleged PRIVATE student loans from 2009 that would have been loaned to me through the school directly. If I owe the money I want to pay it, however I only have 20 days to file my response and I cannot get the school OR their lawyer to show me that I do in fact owe the money (I thought I only took out Federal loans, that's why I'm unsure of the validity of this debt). I have had consultations with two lawyers although I cannot afford to hire a lawyer AND pay the debt
  5. Are you being sued by Portfolio Recovery Associates with an address in VA? I was sued by them for an account with HSBC as well although I just did some digging and found that the Commissioner in VA denies that Port. Rec. exists in VA..... They have also been counter sued by defendants that claimed Port. Rec. never held the rights to the outstanding debts in question. Two of those cases were won and in one of those cases a lawyer for Port. Rec. admitted that the debt never existed. A total of 67 complaints have been filed against that specific lawyer while she worked for Port. Rec. Assoc.