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  1. My question involves an entry of judgement in the State of: Washington, DC Two 1/2 years ago a debt collector sued me for a credit card debt. We settled and a judgement was NOT entered. As long as I made $75 dollar payments a month until the payment was paid off, then debt would be resolved. Fast forward, early 2015 I was told my last payment was due on August 2015. I made my "last" payment in August of last year. Three months later I'm being sued and entry of default has been set against me because I didn't make the last two payments. It seems, that sometime between August 2015 and December 2015, the law firm that I originally dealt with and settled with, was sold to a bigger law firm. They, the bigger law firm, now want the entire amount. I tried explaining to them that I was told the last payment was in August but of course, I can't remember who I talked to. I also was never given a reminder that I was late on a payment. Anyway, 98% of my payments were made on green dot pre-paid credit cards. I learned from here to never pay debt collectors/law firms using your checks. The other 2-3% were made via money orders. I still have all of the green dot cards but because I didn't register my name and information, I'm trying to get them to send me records. Anyhow, I just received by mail, from the law firm, regarding the history of my account. The history shows the the first payment until the last payment which was August 2015. It CLEARLY shows - that I made all my payments every month with the exception of the last two $75 payments. I got a court date this Wednesday. Is there anything I can say to the Judge to avoid this to turn into a judgement? Thank you ....
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