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  1. I had an account that was set up with recurring payments. I thought I had the account paid off in November of last year AND we changed banking institutions at the same time. That being the case, I did not bother with updating my information with Badcock. Then, in January, I started getting phone calls from Badcock. I was made aware that I still owed $154. So, I paid them $100 on the spot and asked to have the remaining amount auto deducted one month later - or so I thought. Fast forward to me talking with my mortgage broker last week...he informs me that I have a 30 day late showing
  2. Paulding County - Superior Court I do not know if I have an upcoming court date or not. There was no mention of a court date on the original summons and I have not heard anything, from anybody, concerning my motion to dismiss and request for arb. Which is why I was making this long does it usually take and how will I be notified of the decision and/or result?
  3. **Georgia** At the suggestion of others, I submitted a motion to dismiss and a request for arbitration (total amount being sued for was around $3200) in reference to a court summons served to me by Zwicker. This was for an outstanding Synchrony Bank debt (Care Credit). First off, the court where I filed my motion did not even have record that I had been served. They had record of where an attempt to serve had been entered (at my old address) but they did not have any record of me being officially served. Secondly, the lady that received my paperwork (very nice and friendly) said
  4. Thank you so much shellieh98. OK, so I am not filing two separate motions (one for dismissal and then one for arbitration), I am simply filing one motion for dismissal with a request for arbitration... I am sorry, but I have a few more questions... 1. If I remove #2 (as you stated), do I need to mention the request for JAMS at some other point? I haven't sent a letter requesting arbitration and do not have intent to, given the time frame I am under. 1(b - if you will)...Will this hurt me if I do not send in the request to the attorney for arbitration or will the motion be suffic
  5. OK - I have called the office of the Superior Court here in my county. They do not have any types of forms and they can't tell me where to go to obtain any kind of forms for these. I think someone said I could find sample forms on the internet and can just follow those. Any idea where I could find them?? I also inquired as to whether or not I should also submit an answer - she was not very clear with the answer. So, should I submit an answer stating that I am finling a motion to dismiss and a motion to compel private contractual arbitration?
  6. OK, so, I called Zwicker to find out more information and see what they were all about. Remember, I haven't talked to these people yet, so I wanted to find out where their minds were at. I also wanted to see what kind of options they were offering. I inquired about settlements and payment arrangements. Just to find out, I asked what kind of settlement they would consider and what kind of monthly payback they were expecting. I was quickly corrected by her saying that I was talking about two different things: a settlement was a lump sum and could not be done in payments...yet I have seen wh
  7. Call me dumb, but I don't really know what arbitration is and what it involves. So, while I get the just of what you are saying, I am at a complete loss over the whole nomenclature. If I am understanding correctly, I should file a motion to dismiss and a motion to compel private contractual arbitration. And I am doing this because, all-in-all, it will cost them more than what the original is worth to start with. That being said, the best case would be for them to dismiss. However, can they still fight me on this and take me to court? If I lose at that point, won't that
  8. Location: Georgia Long story short...I/We had an emergent situation where we had to have some dental work done. Seeing as how Care Credit so conveniently places their advertisements in locations where insurance may not cover medically related items...we/I signed up. I ended up falling on hard times and this bill fell behind - was not my choice and I was not happy about it, but sh*t happens... Anyway, I started getting calls from the collection department at Synchrony Bank (originally GE Capital), who is the holding entity (if that's what you call them) for Care Credit. Their collecti