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  1. Thank you! That makes me feel better so now off to the credit part, oh joy.
  2. We are purchasing our first home and I am wondering if we need an attorney or something. What has made me nervous is that that the LO asked for our debit card, expiration date, AND the security code on back to order the appraisal. When we questioned him about it, he said he would pay it out of his own pocket. The second issue was that we had obtained a pre-approval letter at 3.875% interest but when we signed the contract from him, the first page stated the the rate was "Not Locked". So when we asked him about that he said he "just locked it on the computer." When I asked him if he could email or mail us the interest lock letter he stated the telephone call is being recorded and that was good enough. Other than that, I think all has gone well but we have absolutely no idea what we are doing. We're in Texas and company is VA United. Also, in the Residential Loan Application we signed, there was the sheet that said the 3.875% (same day we asked him the questions) was NOT locked. We (husband and I) simply marked out "NOT" and initialed it. Dumb, huh? This is the final paperwork that goes to the underwriters if I understand it correctly. Any info is GREATLY appreciated!