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  1. Hello everyone, thanks for your help thus far and sorry for my absence. I have filed the general denial as well as proof of service timely, but a wrinkle has popped up: I was planning a move out of state this summer, but my significant other found a job very quickly and has already moved (thus my leave, as we were dealing with getting her situated up there while I wrap things up here and I had to spend a week out of town for work). That said, I don't think pursuing this in court will be a viable option (particularly given the low dollar amount and the cost of travel). I am considering mak
  2. Thank you both for the quick replies! @shellieh98 The only causes of action are the Account Stated common count and the 1788.58 attachment, so I will not send the BOP. @RyanEX I plan to file early next week anyway so well within even a 30 day limit, but I will double check their dates--assuming a phone call will be ok for this? I was so anxious receiving this, but after finding all of you and the success stories I feel calm and focused and ready to go to battle! I appreciate the hard work all of you here put in.
  3. First post and very glad I have found this forum. Initial plan if I understand it correctly is to file then serve General Denial CMRRR (any help with affirmative defenses would be great), send BOP CMRRR, then start strategizing from there. I have been reviewing the stickied posts and starting to go through the older posts; I hope the information I provide is useful. Thanks in advance for any assistance. Exact quotes, amounts, and identifying info have been sanitized and abbreviated. 1. Who is the named plaintiff in the suit? PORTFOLIO RECOVERY ASSOCIATES, LLC. 2. What is the