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  1. @NormInGeorgia I finally got served today. I have 30 days to respond, they included a copy of a statement from the walmart credit card a bill of sale that they purchased the account and exhibit b shows a print out that looks like it was done on a excel spreadsheet. Also a affidavit from an employee of PRA I will upload the documents tomorrow
  2. @fisthardcheese thank you for your wonderful advise. I will definitely wait until I get served and keep you all posted. I feel like I have a piece of mind
  3. @NormInGeorgia when I called the courts I was directed to speak with someone in the magistrate court she informed me that it was a lawyer name Tracy Reese on behalf of portfolio recovery. That's all the info she had but I will definitely keep you posted on when I get served an upload the documents thank you so much.
  4. @debtzapper thank you I am doing all the research that I can. So when I do get served I can have all my information. Still a little bit confused on how arbitration works this is all new to me just trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together. I do appreciate everyone input and advise.
  5. @Harry Seaward thanks for the article great info.
  6. @shellieh98 i seen your question in the other post about who was the underwriter and it was synchrony bank
  7. @fisthardcheese it was thru synchrony bank
  8. @BV80 you can delete the other one and keep this one. Thanks again for all your help
  9. Can you send me the link to my forum you moved I can't seem to find it. Thanks in advance
  10. I kinda confused because I posted in your forum earlier and was told to start my own.