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  1. I owned a home with my ex, and during divorce in 2006, I quitdeeded the house and sold my half to him because he wanted to keep it. Divorce docs required him to refi to get my name off the mortgage and equity line, but he didn't. Fast-forward 1 year - he defaulted and it went into foreclosure. After producing my divorce docs, the banks told me they wouldn't pursue collection on me, but that it would still affect my credit. I dealt with 7 years of bad credit and denied leases/loans, and FINALLY it ended last year. Except, now I just got a 1099c for the equity line saying I have to claim the "forgiven" amount as income. My ex no longer works because he can't hold down a job, and lives with his family, so I'm concerned that they'll come after me for all of the taxes owed on this "income". I've done a little research into statute of limitations on debt and limits on sending a 1099c on an old debt, and I can't find anything clear. I'm hoping to be able to prove the 1099c was sent too late to hold me liable because I think it'll be easier than using my divorce docs to claim I'm not liable. I just don't know enough to know where to go and what to do on all this, and I don't have the money for a tax lawyer for, at minimum, $200/hr. Help!!
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