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  1. Thank you all, very much, for the advice. Fisthardcheese, thanks for the tip. I am going to file with JAMS.
  2. Thank you, ladies. My initial thought was to reply to their letter and file with JAMS right away, but I like shellieh98's suggestion of putting the ball in their court and waiting to see if they react. I'll do that. Amount owed is about 20K, OC - Citi, SOL - 6 years, two more years until it expires. P.S. I just thought of something else: the card agreement says "...party filing the arbitration must chose the arbitration firm". If I don't file, but wait to see if JDB does, would they be able to file with AAA instead of JAMS?
  3. Hello, everyone I've been reading your forum for over a year and I am forever grateful to everyone posting useful info as it helped me a lot (can't go into details, signed NDA). But here's what I am dealing with today: I received a letter from CA on the account I last paid in 2012. OC sold the account and this is JDB#4 I am dealing with with. Others went away after my first DV letters, but this one decided to stick around and answered my letter providing OC name, account balance, last payment date, etc. New "creditor" is JH Portfolio, letter is from a law firm acting on their behalf. I pulled my credit report today and found that OC deleted the account JDB is trying to collect on. It does not exist on my CR (all three agencies). Question: does the fact that account was deleted by OC change how I deal with JDB? This is something I've never dealt with before, so I need your advice. What would you, guys and gals, do?
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