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  1. What motion could I base that on? Thanks for the response.
  2. Help with a with a motion for no evidence summary disposition? Credit card lawsuit brought in Texas JP court by crown assest. Plaintiff citation claim is for breach of contract, money had/received, account stated and/or open account. Plaintiff is owner and account is in default. Case has been on docket for 2 years now! Plaintiff has failed to send zero documents with citation and failed to send documents after I sent for discovery that was granted by judge. Non jury trial set for June 3.
  3. So with all this being said, a JDB can secretly take someone to court, falsify documents and signatures in a court of law, wait 5 years, send out dunning letters and then send out a judgement saying you agree on paying money and you owe them money (with signatures you never signed)?! No way this is legal!
  4. Very possible if what I'm hearing about this Regent guy is true. Now tell me this, the court records show I received and returned a citation. Doesn't that mean I was served papers? And would that require a signature from me?
  5. I would say slim. I have always had outstanding credit and would know if my credit was hit. But why would the fire department fax machine be used for court documents? I'm no law expert but I wouldn't use the fire departments faxed machine for court documents
  6. Your right, this is off. The fact that my identity has been used and put on court documents is very strange. If this was my actual debt, you think a JDB would go 7 years and not get paid after a judgement was rendered? As for posts about my initials, my initials are not JC. Since KraftyKrab has solved my identity, can we figure out how my name, signature and possibly work are being used on a judgement doctrine?
  7. Yes very strange. Trust me when I say , I have never seen this debt, been a Toro consumer, been served papers, or even signed papers in court agreeing on a judgement. Can somebody explain why my signature is on this and why the top of the page has the words "Fire Dept" and a date on a "supposed court document"?
  8. Im not assuming anything. I've never been a Toro consumer or owed this alleged debt. I have never signed a judgement or agreed that judgement should be rendered in a court of law.
  9. This should be fun. Today I received a letter in the mail from Rausch, Strum, Israel, Enerson & Hornik that had a copy of a judgement dated June 29th, 2009. As I can assure you I owe no such debt, this is clearly a fake judgement but it gets better. The judgement has a few interesting features such as, a fake file, stamp and return, an agreement between me and plaintiff for payment, a judges signature, and best of all, my signature. I must say I applaud their efforts. I have attached copies of the judgement and look closely at page 2 that has my signature, the top of the page has a date and says Fire Dept.? I do work for a Fire Department and wondering if they got my signature from them? Let me know what you think about this judgement. 2.pdf Fake letter from Rausch.pdf IMG_20160410_0001.pdf
  10. Last week in the mail. Could I file a motion to dismiss for want to persecution? I have not received one piece of documentation from the plaintiffs and no activity has been for almost 18 months on the docket. Texas Supreme Court states timeline for civil suit no jury is 12 months?
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