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  1. Hey guys, I was able to get the summary of the case on line; the case status : Disposed I have attached the history of case. Would someone explain me what it all means?? And, the most importantly, am I judgment free? case summary jd.pdf
  2. Thank you for your replies, Stick and Acorn. I wonder, if I pull my public record from the court, would the creditor be notified of it? I just don't want to wake up the "sleeping bear" before I am ready... Another question, would I need a Lawyer to vacate the judgment? what's the procedure on this?
  3. Hello everyone. I am new here. Please, help me out. I had a judgment against me in 2008. Not only I was not served properly, they simply dropped off the package by the door at the address I have not been living for years (I found out about it by pure accident when one of the neighbors who happened to know me told me about some package several weeks later) but the item they sued me for was not even mine. I had filed an Identity Theft report and two police reports of stolen identity. I have notified all credit bureaus. I also notified the creditor in writing that I had an extensive fraud on my account and the item was not mine attaching a police and ID theft reports. I told them that the default judgment they obtained against was illegal. The item was disputed and removed from all credit bureaus, and so was the judgment after all when it was posted. My question is, what happened to the judgment after it was removed from my credit report by all 3 bureaus? Does it mean I do not have a judgment against me anymore? Would it still show on other public records? (I never contacted the Court that issued it). Can the creditor still go after me? (Its been 7 years and I have not heard from them). Ps. I am in California
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