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  1. So the date of possible removal will be sometime in mid 2020. Thanks for the informative reply, I'll be looking forward to that event.
  2. I had some credit/financial problems during the last few years, I have righted myself considerably. FICO scores on the 'free' sites show I range in the very low 700's but still have a collection on my report. The statute of limitations is past for my state & I know that the CA who either owns or is acting for the OC reports that it was opened in 2013. My last payment was on 10-10-2012. I realize it will stay for at least 7 1/2 years. My question is can they or have they re dated the account or is that the date that the collection was placed? I refused to deal with the CA, but w
  3. Last post was in '16. Nearing end of journey. I started with health issues after retirement. Surgery, chemo & set backs late in 2012, mounting medical bills (all paid). I was in debt to the tune of $63,000 both secured & unsecured. I had no mortgage, I have one more collection showing on my credit report, I never had to declare bankruptcy, but had consulted a BK lawyer. Their advice was to let sleeping dogs lie as I was basically 'collection proof'. I just wanted to tie up loose ends so I kept prodding along. First I had to get control of my finances so I went on a cash onl
  4. It has been many, many months since my last login. A lot has happened with the accounts I had listed in default. This all started Oct 2012 (last payment to them), SOL is 6 years here. Major health issues & my age. 1. Wireless account closed, not listed on my CR when I got the Atty Gen & FCC involved. It was a bogus charge. $480 Closed 2. Retail account, Citibank issuer. Judgment was awarded (2015) to them, I had refused to pay after calling for relief & was turned down. Still listed but no attempts to collect. $3,200 still not claimed on taxes because judgment is s
  5. Interesting development, I had a retail credit card account with Home Depot, issued by & owned by CitiBank. I had medical/financial problems back in 2012. I had to default on several accounts, I have since resolved 4 out of the 7. CitiBank/HD wasn't resolved, CitiBank turned the collection over to Suttle, Hammer & White a law firm Collection Agency located in Wash. I sent the CMRRR's (DV & CD), later I was served with a summons or legal documentation for 'Answers', I ignored those thinking that I would end up in arbitration (which I would lose anyway living in Oregon), then ont
  6. Update to the CFPB complaint, I received notice today that they have reviewed the complaint & have forwarded it to the OC & should receive an update or a resolution the OC is offering within 15 days. I have also contacted a highly respected (10.0 rating at AVVO), Consumer (collections) lawyer in my city, we will have a free consultation after I receive the answer from the OC or CFPB.
  7. This Citibank account that was filed for judgement falls in the time frame that this article flags. I had received one JDB assignee communication back in 2013. I DV'd & C&D'd (both CMRRR) them, the next I heard from anyone was in early 2015 from the CA law firm assignee. I wondered how the questionable balance that began at $2,700 in 2013 grew to $3,700 18 months later. Is there a defence I can use to challenge the total debt, asking for documentation? This account h
  8. The account is still owned by Citibank, the filing I'm sure was done by the CA law firm that had contacted me & I dealt with for the last 8 months. I had originally called Citi for relief when my problems started 4 years ago. I asked for a reasonable interest rate or a reduction of principal to a manageable level. Completely blown off, as I said before discounting the fact that I'm 'collection proof' was I had called the CA for a settlement & in my estimation it turned nasty. At this point I'm going to let this play out. I'm sure I qualify for a waiver of fees for Oregon's 'mandat
  9. Thanks, I found the agreement & after reviewing it I come to the following conclusion: I have three choices for arbitration, #1 either American Arbitration Association (Website: or #2 JAMS (Website: or #3 Oregon's mandatory arbitration (under $10,000). If I choose either #1 or #2 I will have to pay the fees upfront. If I choose #3 I will be responsible for either half the fees & if I lose, which is a given then I will be billed for the other half. Either choice I make will result in another debt for me. I realize at my age, health conditions, protecte
  10. I am a long time lurker, I have followed the advice here faithfully concerning my debts. Starting with 6 unsecured I have successfully settled 2 for less, & received 2 1099C's during the last 3 years. I claimed the full amount minus interest on both the corresponding years of the 1099C issue, never claiming insolvency. I think I have missed the bullet on 1 other account because of creative accounting mistakes & 3 mergers or buyouts of the OC, only time will tell. For those above mentioned accounts I thank the members for all the helpful information. That brings me to today's n