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  1. plantiff is a local credit union filed lawsuit against me 12/12/17 for balance of car loan 1/2/18 failed service issued (i moved) 1/8/18 court and plaintiff received writ of discovery via certified mail 1/9/18 my writ of discovery entered into court record 2/2/18 credit union sends letter refusing to reply to enumerated write of discovery with 11 items moved to michigan 6/13/18 mail forwarded 8/2/18 online court records show plantiff filed for voluntary dismissal weird thing is the printout i have from january 2018 shows my writ for discovery printout i retr
  2. I know the individual physicians can and do bill separately, I guess I was just trying make it clear that they sent it into the collections before the HCAP even was processed and i could see the final bill to even attempt to make a billing arrangement on any balances and what not. It has been reported as negative information on my CR, and I have the returned letter unopened, that I sent requesting validation of the debt. I also located 2 phone numbers online and theyre not active and yelp lists them as closed. I guess my next step is to just dispute it with the bureau(s)? The agency cant val
  3. I was treated in the emergency room without insurance but received HCAP, basically charity forgiveness. when youre broke but not broke enough for medicaid. It took the hospital over 90 days to approve the "coverage" so the attending physician services billed me. I made them aware I was applying for the HCAP and waiting for approval. the day i received my HCAP approval I got my first collection agency letter. of course they refused to even listen to what I was saying and the physicians group wouldnt even review the HCAP letter despite the hospital showing a zero balance. I understand individual