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  1. Never thought of this. Do you have any suggestions on how to proceed forward with this strategy. I see you've won 6 of your own. Any research areas or template/processes I could utilize to deploy this would be awesome..
  2. Got a new card from First Progress in 2013. Thought I was doing good to get started to rebuilding my credit. This company only sends paper statements out. I never received the October statement and when the November statement came in there was a notice indicating my yearly fee they charged of about $30 was overdue. Immediately I called the customer service line and paid over the phone. The lady told me they would remove it if I requested the dispute from the credit bureaus. Never got a name and I should have got it in writing but didn't think anything of it. Disputed the info in 2014 and it came back as a valid debt. Now I have to live with this for another 5 years. Is there anyone that's had this problem before and found a way to remove this? It's the only item on my credit right now as everything just feel off this year..
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