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  1. Okay, I have decided to go the Arbitration route. I created a motion to compel but I'm not sure if this is what it should look like, include, etc. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again MOTION TO COMPEL PRIVATE Sample.doc
  2. Okay, I am in the State of Pennsylvania. Portfolio Recovery Associates, a third party, has filed the lawsuit for a credit card debt. The original debt was to US Bank. The amount in question is 9,300$ I have been advised to file a motion to compel binding arbitration by a private party, JAMS, wit the hope of PRA not following me into arbitration due to their costs involved. I was told that my costs would be capped at 250$. I wanted to get a second opinion on this advice, so to see if the general consensus seems to be the same. Any and all advice woul
  3. Hello, this is my first post. I received a request for admissions, interrogatories, and request for production of documents. I found this previous thread and used it as my basis for responses. I tried to write everything as verbatim as possible. I am in the State of Pennsylvania. I am assuming compounded interrogatories are allowed. (Please reference Interrogatory No.3) Also, I am not sure if I need to provide three separate response pages for the admissions, interrogatories, and production of documents. I have already formatted three separate pieces of paper with the answers.