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  1. They're suing for 2,300 plus lawyer expenses (which I assume won't be cheap). I believe it's in magistrate court, but I'm not sure. It's filed as a civil complaint. Also, thank you for the information. I'm looking into arbitration options now.
  2. Hi, I'm desperately in need of some help. I received a civil complaint from Portfolio Recovery Associates saying that they are suing me for a debt i owe from a credit card. First of all, I don't remember receiving anything from them regarding my account or them saying that they are even valid and that I should pay them. From looking online, I see that they aren't exactly the most professional business, so I was wondering if I might be able to get some advice on what I should do and how to deal with them. I am definitely going to dispute the debt and ask for them to show me the evidence through my answer to the court. Currently, I'm looking for a lawyer to get some more advice as I'm not too knowledgeable about how all of this works, but even if I can't get one to represent me, I'm going to fight it. For their exhibit (evidence), all they sent me was a statement from my credit card (the statement is from citibank, not even them) from August 2014, and a bill of sale/assignment from citibank dated march of 2015. I can't say for sure if I saw the first statement, but I've definitely never seen the Bill of sale and assignment. Thank you in advance for your insight.
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