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  1. @Clydesmom but wouldn't they half to actual serve papers of suit. I never receive the papers. why not just serve papers. Instead I get a letter. So that's what I'm trying to find out if I should DV or no. and thank you for help . you
  2. Ok reading debt validation on here.
  3. @debtzapper thanks I have already contacted the one atty you mentioned and although I'm sure he would be great I'm just not able to retain him . I appreciate your referral to the Memphis link and not sure . I'm sure these guys have violations but not sure if whatever they have done would be enough to hold up in court. I do think I need some legal help and someone that will listen other then file bankruptcy. I found the 2015 agreement and guess no change from the 2014 card agreement. All comments are appreciated and thanks !
  4. @fisthardcheese@BV80 thanks for all comments I have contacted the attorney mentioned in thread and I'm sure he is good and he is a little out of my price range. All comments are welcomed !
  5. @fisthardcheese i do not live with my mother. thanks everyone you guys are very helpful !
  6. Ok @fisthardcheese I'm not sure what the charges are for and I could not find the agreement thanks and will look for violation. @BV80 and letter did say to request info. ..... still lost on what to do . i guess request info from them ?
  7. @debtzapper@CommoSGT im not sure what these fees .Thanks and any advice will really help. I would love to hear from anyone on this.
  8. @BV80thx so much I would be happy to pm u a copy of letter sent to me.Did not contain a 30 notice to my knowledge.Just said was informing me of account and second page had at bottom I could request account information and have a list of information I could request. No mention of 30 days. Let me know if you would like to take a look at letter and thanks for all your help.
  9. and yes as far as I know this is first letter .
  10. @BV80Hi ! and thank you !
  11. Hello, reading several post on here and trying to get some help. Received a letter in mail from Atlantic Credit 2/19/16.