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  1. So the question is - how do you file for arbitration?
  2. Do you know of a good consumer attorney which handles FCRA?
  3. Thanks. My understanding is the 605B block prevents the fraud tradelines from appearing on your credit report - therefore they are "gone". I understand that once they are blocked - 605B also does not allow furnishers to sell or send info into the CRA's - again they are blocked. The CRA can unblock them if they _have_ knowledge of one of the three items to rescind. How do I haul them into arbitration? Is there a claim I can make outside of court? I know I can always sue them ... I'd rather get the 605B block in place.
  4. Hello all, While I was deployed with the U.S. military, some of my credit accounts were tampered with. Meaning unauthorized charges made. So my account numbers and info were stolen. I have been trying to get these off my credit reports for quite a while. I have previously sent in FTC complaint and dispute, several times and they always come back "verified". I have sent info to the creditors and they just send back form letters, saying the account is in my name (duh) and never correct anything. Last month - I found out about FCRA 605B and followed to the letter the instructions on the Bank of America thread (below). With the FCRA 605B Request to Block letter I sent in every item required: Photo copy of my driver's license, social security card, copy of the FTC fraud affidavit, and police report. I sent the letters all certified. Waited two weeks and as I'm a member of the Trans Union credit monitoring - checked my reports. Nothing had changed. I called Trans Union fraud line and spoke to rep who said they did not have a copy of the police report. So, I faxed it. I called back two days later and the rep said yes we have it but "we can't use this police report" and we have opened investigation and you will hear in 30 days. I told her no, they had all they needed for 605B and they were to block within 4 days. She said Trans Union was not going to block because anyone could just go down and get a police report and claim ID theft. I told her that wasn't a judgement call for her to make that 605B requirements have been met and they needed to block. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she said "I am a supervisor". I asked what was the reason to deny the block and she said I would receive a letter 7-10 days stating why. Now as I read 605B there are only 3 reasons a CRA can refuse to block: 1. If the request is made in error. (It's not). 2. If the facts were materially misstated. (how could they possibly know or obtain evidence to prove that or reach that conclusion (especially within 4 days). 3. If they had knowledge the consumer received goods or services with the transaction (again, how could a CRA have any knowledge to this one way or the other). So - to me the rejection is bogus and they are just ignoring the 605B request. I see others have had success with this - but didn't work for me. What's the next move?
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