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  1. Not sure if I understand the arbitration process. This is for a 2011 Home Depot account (citi bank) I had already filed my answer just saw the info about arbitration can I mentioned that In court or it had to be already address in my answer? I'm confused. My court date is this week. Can some please explained what exactly is the arbitration option. I still don't understand this process!
  2. I have been sued in Magistrate Court in Georgia by Portfolio LLC for a Home Depot credit card through Citibank bought by Portfolio April 2015 and they never contacted me until I was sued earlier this month. . I need help how to answer this . This account was open in 2011 with Home Depot line of credit $2000, being sued for $2445, the SOL in GA is 6yrs. They attached a old bill from Home Depot last paid in 10/2014. Bill of Sale and affidavit. Requesting help of how to move forward with this, I have a little over a week to answer.