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  1. That makes perfect sense; I think the Attorney wants to go after them either way. I imagine they will have as hard of a time finding a lawyer to take this on as I did up here. I'll keep everyone up to date for sure, this seems like it'll end up being a score one for the little guys in this country.
  2. Another update: The lawyer wants to go after them but needs me to write them first to make sure they won't take it off so I can get it in writing that they are refusing to take it off even after seeing that it is not only an invalid collection, but way past the SOL (regardless of violations) - and I'm assuming this is the verification of the FCRA statutory claim that BV80 referenced. I'm assuming they'll file here in DE which means that the lawyer for CBOFLA will apparently have to come up to fight it I'm assuming (and more than likely won't) so the judgement will be automatically awarded to us. The flip side is that I write them and they take it off all three CR agencies, so I still win either way I guess. Having the money in my pocket would be nice (especially to teach someone a lesson about skirting the law) but if they take it off my CR I guess I should just be happy with that. Does this sound right to everyone?
  3. Just to update everyone: I've started calling but I'm hopeful for a particular lawyer whom I called and immediately jumped at the chance to do it (the paralegal was, I have to wait on the lawyer to call me back tomorrow), the rest couldn't do it because they were mainly bankruptcy lawyers (but specifically had CR and Collections on their profiles). All information you guys have provided is simply amazing and I appreciate it very much.
  4. Well, there's one in Delaware so I guess that's a start right? heh
  5. Fantastic, I feel like my faith has been restored a bit in lawyers then. I always assume the worst with them when it comes to payments and such. I'll start looking - stupid question: does the state matter in which they are licensed/located to do practices? This particular debt was in LA and I live in DE currently. I've learned one lesson from all of this, everything gets scanned now and on paper or there won't be a deal anymore.
  6. Thank you Clydesmom, that's the route I'm going to take. Cheese, the flow chart I'm seeing is here: They have put this on all three of my CR agencies - Equifax is close to the thirty day window of them not saying anything back so I have a feeling that one will get deleted but Transunion almost immediately shut down my dispute (I think it was three days after I filed it). Are there any particular lawyers that around the forums (I know advertising isn't allowed by the rules I saw) but I figured someone would have a recommendation. Is it possible they'll (or any lawyer in this field) would work the case until it's resolved pro-bono? (The reason I ask this is because the credit charge on my account is $814 and I'm assuming lawyer fees would be much higher, but I guess that's what these collection agencies depend on). I'm already paying for a lawyer for my fiance's divorce being reopened from years ago so I'm getting drained from that (her less than intelligent ex refused to sign the papers and then went after her a few years after saying he didn't know about them...that's another nightmare and story). If the lawyer is the best route at this point for their blatant abuse then that'll be the route I will take (and I thought that it was suspicious that they could just open an account like this years later). Thank you again! I'm new to this and this has been wonderful, I'm glad to have a resource to stop what seems like a huge scam to me.
  7. Thank you, so at this point I should still send a DV to them, correct? (It isn't too late)
  8. So, first off, let me thank everyone here for the great resource that you provide as I've been trying to get my credit back into the 700's after having a few issues. I did some labor trading with a dentist for labor around 9 years ago when I worked for my old boss doing IT and received a bill shortly after getting the work done in which I was told by the dentist to ignore and that it would never go to collections. I have NEVER signed for anything with this dental office at all but out of the blue I get a $900 collections notice almost 9 years later. This same dentist has now sold his original practice by himself and is in business with another dentist with a different company name. I disputed it with Transunion who just said it was verified with no information past that. I didn't have access to the resource flow chart that I found on this website so my question is should I send a DV notice via certified mail to owner of the debt (C? If so, directly to the original dentist correct? If they don't have anything signed by me and only send back a copy of the bill is that sufficient enough or should I work further down the flowchart? Thank you in advance for your help! EDIT: I should probably specify that I received no notices ahead of time nor phone calls that this would be placed into collections; It just randomly appeared on my credit reports.