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  1. Thank you Skippy, I have been thinking the same thing for a few days now. I don't think they will negotiate with me (even though I will be paying), so is a CMRR letter making an offer appropriate? Is trying to just settle "her" portion of the debt possible. How low does everyone think I will be able to get them? Clydesmom, Thank you for the advice. Her father would admit her defense is true, I think.
  2. Whocares, can you give me some template or direction on filing for rule 41? I assume we will need to file a motion? I'd like to seperate the suit, and then have both parties request arbitration.
  3. Thank you CCRP, how would I go about compelling arbitration? Which would give me the best benefit? Whocares, First, thank you for the advice. I am certainly not mad, and I don't know what gave you that impression. I am frustrated, but at my wife, not the advice you are giving me. Sorry if I seemed otherwise. My wife is expecting their first grandchild, and doesn't want to strain the relationship right before. I(we) can pay the debt, but I won't, and she has the good judgement to not ask me. Her parents are not deadbeats, they have just made some extremely bad financial decisions in the past. Think not of helping someone dealing with this problem directly, but helping a husband mitigate his wife's irrational choices. I will be paying this debt if they lose. I will take your bet though. Her credit is locked down, and she has learned some financial responsibility from me since we married in 2014. $100,000? Really, I do appreciate the help. -evil stepson.
  4. Thank you CCRP, I will look into thay. Clydesmom, it is in Collin.
  5. I know she is being unreasonable. I know there is no easy or magic solution.. I am not disillusioned about how difficult this will be. I know she is being irrational and emotional. But she is my wife, and i want to help her. What is the hard way to do it, then?
  6. Whocares, I respect your right to have your opinion. I feel she should do this as well, but she has made up her mind, and I have to respect that. It is not a lack of a backbone. With all due respect, you don't know her family dynamic, and it is too complicated to describe here. If she could implicate only her stepmother, who is at fault here, she would.. But that is not possible. This forum has helped others, who likely were responsible for their debt issues, with forms, procedures, discovery etc. No one is willing to help me help her? More advice to do what she should, but is unwilling to, is not helpful at this point. Can someone chime in with how she can win this case, whether or not her parents deserve it? She certainly does.
  7. She will then be compelled, and she has no issues with that. I know it will be a lot harder, but I know she simply won't file charges. They must have smartened up. They are only attempting to collect on the amount reported past due by the original creditor. I/we have no idea what was added to that in the form of fees/interest before they purchased the debt. Her credit report indicates that the last activity was 7/2012. The account was opened in 7/2008. Monthly payments of $81 were made until 7/2012. The balance to begin with was less than $1500.00.
  8. Thank you Clydesmom. I feel the same as you. Unfortunately, my wife will never go for it. She does want to raise that defense, but she will not file a criminal charge against her father. Her stepmother, in a heartbeat, yes. But not when her father is involved. Can she just win the case? I will/can write any motions, letters, etc.
  9. She did "dispute" it with the credit bureaus, and of course they "verified" it right away. Can she file a police report, and not name who used her identity? Of course she doesn't want to get them in trouble. Does she have any recourse against the creditor or the dentist? Her stepmother went through all of her kids SSN before one worked, and unfortunately that was my wife's. She did this in person at the dental office. Does the simple general denial "answer" suffice for now?
  10. Hello forum, First of all, thank you in advance for any help you can give me. I have read a lot of the TX threads, but nothing seems to be quite like this situation. In a nutshell, my wife's parents (father & stepmother) used her SSN to apply for Care Credit without her knowledge. It is a joint account in her and her father's name. Of course, they defaulted on the credit. My wife found out about it a few years ago when she pulled her own credit, and her parents assured her they would take care of the bill. That didn't happen, and now she and her father are being jointly sued by Second Round Sub LLC. My wife filled out the form on the court's website to "answer" the petition, and took it to the clerk. She filled it out for just her, because she didn't trust that her father would take it seriously, and of course she plans to mount a quite different defense than he will. The clerk was beyond rude, and informed her the answer needs to be for both of them. Now, she has prepared an answer with a simple statement of general denial, for both of them. Her thought is to give her defense to the judge at the hearing. I am worried that there may not be a hearing, even with a general denial. It is JP court, the debt is for 1599 (roughly). Can anyone give me some advice?