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  1. Thanks @Clydesmom for your feedback Thanks @debtzapper I will contact his office today
  2. Understood Condensed Version: Plaintiff is RAC - Regional Acceptance Issue: I bought a car from a dealership. However, the contract was signed under duress and false pretense I had a vehicle I wanted to trade in. The dealership (which is now out of business) stated they were having issues getting me approved. If they could make a deal they would call me. Fine. they called me I went in they had a deal for a different vehicle one I didn't like and the cost was higher. They stated because of the trade in being upside down I would have to get a more expensive vehicle for the lender to
  3. I was served with a summons. I responded to the summons with an intent to defend (which is just a two line form at the bottom of the summons) I have now received Interrogatories from the Plaintiff. What should I do next? How do I now respond to the initial complaint or can I? Do I serve the Plaintiff with Interrogatories/discovery? Do I file a motion with my affirmative defense? HELP!
  4. I am not a lawyer and need assistance in responding appropriately. I only received the Interrogatories March 8th but am required to respond in 15 days after service which was arch 4th . I have some answers but I have no clue as to if they are valid. I don't want to annoy the judge. However, I want to defend myself. In some instances it's unclear what the lawyer is even asking...PLEASE HELP! I believe a breach of contract exists due to circumstances at the time the contract was initiated. I can go into further detail once I get to affirmative defenses and whether they should be included