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  1. It is within the SOL - taken out last fall. I paid on it several times and "refinanced" it over multiple times but never could get ahead of it, so I let it default. It was taken out online. They have not reported anything to the bureaus yet, if I need to set something up to pay them, that's fine - but I definitely don't think they should be able to turn it into 3 different accounts with 3 different account numbers. I sure don't want 3 new collections on my CR!
  2. Just looking for a bit of ammunition on how to approach this. I went through all the pages over disputing items on CR followed by request for MOV if they "verify" them. However, I have now received a series of dunning letters all with the same dates with 2 different account numbers and 3 different dollar amounts and the same OC listed. The OC was a Payday loan place so it should only be one total, but they've turned it into 3 accounts. Does this give me any leverage? ALSO, I received a voicemail left for me at work from this company yesterday demanding immediate return call by 6PM. They are not allowed to call me at work, correct? I'm just wondering what my first step should be?
  3. I find this funny, because I am in Grad School and my work has to be done in APA format with Times New Roman 12 point black font. I have lost point because a MS to Mac Word conversion changed the font to a dark grey in my header, which appears lighter than the paper to show it is part of the header so I didn't notice the non-black font! My first letters to CAs disputing ID theft inquiries were done in TNR12, will definitely change going forward!
  4. So, the foreclosure was FHA, and I'm looking at FHA again. My understanding is that FHA allows you to re-app FHA again 3 years after the date of actual completion. I hit that point this past September. The mortgage account on the report shows a $0 balance. The SOL in TX is 4 years. DOFD should have been before 12/11 because that's when I walked away. I know, I should have done deed in lieu, but I didn't know that then. Is there something more that I need to be concerned about or look into?
  5. It's a mix of hard and soft. These show up on my CR's as "Regular Inquiries" and were on at least 2 dates... as I'm examining further, there may be one more cluster of dates involved because these don't look like lines I've ever applied for - one is QVC and I would have no need for that line. I'm going to request verification on the ones on those dates, too. If they're worth the time. I have about 20 inquiries, 8-9 on each report are not mine and several that are mine from mid 2014 are about to fall off. Not sure how much bearing these have overall, in the grand scheme of things!
  6. My ex-husband and his current gf have been using my information and applying for credit/even set up a bank account at WellsFargo but never did anything with it. I have filed a police report (pretty sure they pulled my info, as she has done skip-tracing and they used an old job that he didn't know I worked at and didn't have my DL number), and spent a couple of hours calling all the inquirers to dispute the requests - have gotten one off so far. Question - since there was no actual economic harm, is it worth it to spend time trying to get the inquiries removed? I am trying to increase my scores, not sure what "real" effect these 8-9 extra inquiries are having on my score.
  7. I realize that Lexington Law is affiliated with/advertised on this site. I signed up with them last year around this time to start cleaning things up, but all it seemed to do was trigger a lot of mail to my home that I had no idea what to do with. It was never explained to me until I called to cancel the service that they wanted me to upload all letters received to them. I believe I stopped services with them in mid-summer last year, so does that change my starting point to start cleaning up my report? Such as, some items on my report are marked "customer disputes" - do I start with disputing through the CRAs first and then use the TX loophole and send DV letters under the TX law? Or, do I skip the CRA step if the items are flagged "disputed"? I am trying to make changes as quickly as possible because I want to buy a home in the fall (fingers crossed). I posted another question under the Mortgage thread - was advised to PFD some old medical by one mortgage loan guy, another suggested that FHA does not care about medical - no idea what to do about 6 medical accounts...
  8. This is a question I have asked many other places while working on repair/mortgage readiness (long way away) - If I have 3 open lines, I only really need to keep one with a balance to keep a utilization amount/percent reporting if I'm reading this correct? For instance - I have $250/300/300 unsecured lines.... I should zero two (store cards) and only keep one in play (Visa)? I'm at 65% utilization currently because I don't want to buy meaningless junk on the store cards and someone told me to keep a less than 30% balance on all 3 lines, so I've been paying them down slowly to show open activity - I can just pay the buggers off! Thanks!
  9. Hello all, I am new to this site and have browsed through several pages of threads on the credit repair side, but my first question is really mortgage related. My credit is poor, FAKO scores of 567/569. I live in Texas. I know part of this is credit utilization-related. I may have gone about this wrong, but I have strung along payments (more than minimum but less than balance) on some small accounts (total $750 in CL over 3 accounts) to show payment history without having to continuously charge things to pay them off (hope that makes sense). I know when I pay these down, my scores should come up some... right now, I'm at 60ish% utilization before this month's payments hit. So, short story - this is easily fixable. I have an FHA foreclosure that finalized 9/2012. I bought during the top of the housing bubble pre-08 and the house lost value and the area went downhill. As a single mom, I needed to get my kids into a better school district, so I walked away. (Many mistakes were made here, but I had to do what I had to do). All currently opened lines are 100% paid as agreed except one erroneous 30 day late that I am about to tackle with the auto finance place that made the mistake. There are about 9-10 "collection" accounts on my report - many are medical bills that are old and (I'm pretty sure) are what was left after insurance, even though one is pricey and they may not have applied my insurance info... I gave all this back story to ask this question - I had a mortgage loan guy review my reports who claims to have background history in the credit repair field, and he said the only thing I can do to raise my scores is to start with the low dollar medical bills and offer PFD to have about 5-6 of those removed that way. I asked specifically about disputing the items with the bureaus and he vehemently denied that this was a workable solution. My question - does this sound reasonable, or should I avoid this guy? I really want to be able to buy soon because I have the neighbor from *the hot place* who lives below me and I want OUT - and I want the tax break that owning offers! If that was hard to follow, or more info is needed, let me know!
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