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  1. the suit was first given to us in 2014 when i filed the answer to the court and served them with the answer .
  2. the last payment was made in like end of 2006 or very beginning of 2007 . im not an attorney so i don't know how to file a dismissal.
  3. ok so we had an old credit card debt , the law firm has changed names and transferred this numerous times they also have never tried to collect on debt for over 8 years. the last of anything to be filed etc was in 2014, then they file things that have never been disclosed to us after we filed our answer with the court in 2014 now they have a court date for trial and we have not been to or been served to attended any case management conference . how can we get a continuance or get the case dismissed ? we filed answer stating plaintiff admits to purchasing the defaulted debt there for plaintiff is barred from seeking relief for damages , and that this action is barred by the statutes of limitation in the California code of civil procedure including but not limited to cal. code of civil procedure sections 337,338,339,340 and 343 and each pertinent subsection. please help im not a lawyer and tired of people and attorneys trying to use old debts to pay their bills with.