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  1. @texasrocker so this is what I should use since there was no request for discovery? Sorry I am on a small tablet and trying to copy and paste so I can write it out. I tried to print at ups but could not get it to work so hand written is how I have to go. So just making sure I need to write the answer exactlylike the link from above word for word.
  2. @texasrocker I recived just what I posted. Nothing else. No wonder why I am so confused. Ok so what I was referring to was you post in this. "being sued by portfolio in county court in Texas" I was trying to figure out how to make that fit with mine. So what I filled out at the top is truly every single thing I recived just 4 papers. So the general denial is the right way. Simple form like what I posted. Unless you recommend adding anything you think may help.
  3. @texasrocker thank you for your responce. In that post I understand copy replace and file as answer and I thank you for that. While reading others most says I need to respond to everything ( each line) so does that mean this covers the A-prayer. Just making sure before I make a stupid mistake because I have the problem of not understaning. As I am sure you see now my brain does not quite work the same as most and I am sorry for being not as quick. Thank you again for your patience.
  4. Thanks again that is what I am trying to do. Just not to sure at how to translate it into mine. I have to respond to every line right? Since there was so much info and explanation on that one I was just unsure if I was to use all of it. Just copy and add my info where the red is. I think that is where I am questioning myself. Guess I am making it harder for myself by reading too much into it. Lack of sleep does not help either I am just so stressed over doing it right I am making myself crazy. Yup I have no confidence in myself that is completely obvious. @CCRP626 Thank you again for h
  5. @CCRP626 I found this. Is this the form I need to fill out for general denial? Is there something more I should add? On an off question is the 626 for Stitch? Thank you for your help. doa.pdf
  6. @CCRP626 I have tried to figure out what is right did I post this to the wrong section. It seems everyone is looking but not responding or shold i just give up.. Am I missing something they may need to help. I thank you for sending me to that topic just not sure if that is what I should do. I did copy that answer and I have it ready but not sure if that is the way I should go since my story is different than the links. I think I got the idea that since this is not the original creditor that was why you sent me to that? Sorry just frustrated my educational level is not up there so it is frustra
  7. So am I putting an answer like miltfel22 because they are not the original creditor? Just still having a hard time hashing it out.
  8. Thank you so much I have been reading and reading trying my best to understand and take in everything. I am ashamed to say I am still having a hard time but trying. Also ashamed to say my educational level is truly well below all of this and it is full blown anxiety inducing but still trying. I will continue to read and I am so thankful for your help.
  9. I hope I did this right. I do not have a computer so tried to complete with tablet. I just Recived this and am looking for help on what I need to do. I know I need to give an answer at the Jp office withing 14 days correct. What should I put in that answer. As you can see by the dates I had this since 11 and was paying auto pay but to my own fault this as obviously forgotten in a card change and stupidity on my part. There is no way I can pay that amount in one fail swoop. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you again for your time. 1. Who is the named plaintiff in the suit?