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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my questions. 1.)Just so I'm understanding the CA and or the hospital can still put this on my credit repost up to five years from the debit? 2.)Do you know how long the debit stays on credit report? 3.)Is this considered an open debit? I WILL TAKE YOU ADVISE I will send the CA a certified letter ""Please do not contact me any further regarding this alleged debt." Thank you so much golden813
  2. I have received a letter from CA March 21st,2016 for a past hospital bill. Debt is from 5/18/2010 this debt is already on my credit report. Why am I receiving this letter for collection now? I live in Nebraska and I thought the statue of limitations is 5 years. Concerned this is not a valid CA. What do I do? I'm 61 and unemployed thank you
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