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  1. I looked up Rule 141c and it says that "A motion under Rule 141(c) must be filed within a reasonable time, and for reasons (1), (2), and (3), within six (6) months after the judgment or order was entered or after the proceeding occurred." It has been longer than 6 months already!
  2. The reason I was asking is that I found another post on here that seemed to not recommend doing that:http://www.creditinfocenter.com/community/topic/327133-served-with-a-one-page-complaint/?do=findComment&comment=1336794: Do you think I should write it out the way Just Me Asking did? The blue lines are responses from Clydesmom. Clydesmom: "OMG I do not know where you cut and pasted that from but DO NOT USE THIS. You cannot type up an answer with every legal defense ever used in a case and throw it at the court to see what sticks. ALL that document will do i
  3. I don't know that any of those affirmative defenses will apply? For the Response to Motion she is writing that she would like the court to "Dismiss the Complaint together with any and all legal fees, and any costs of suit, to be taxed." and that she did used to live at the address specified but that "2-9. Defendant is without knowledge or information sufficient to form a belief as to the truth of the allegations set forth in this paragraph and accordingly the allegations are DENIED. Plaintiff is left to its proof. Defendant reserves the right to invoke private contractual arbitration in
  4. She got a copy of her certificate of service for this case. It says she personally was served! After I read it to her, she did remember someone coming to the door and sticking a thin paper into the door. She barely spoke english and certainly did not understand the paper...and her husband never explained it. At the time, she had no clue what it was about. The funny thing is, the process server said she left the Summons, Complaint & Notice to Defendants in the screen door. There was no screen door! My friend never even saw a stack of papers, only the small paper slip mentioned above. Furth
  5. It is a little over $4000. Which are the JPs that are good? We are going to the one in Apache Junction.
  6. It is in Justice Court. We went last week to file an answer to another case she didn't know about... that was just filed by Midland Funding (we used info from this forum). The judge granted a deferral of fees so I hope he will do the same in this case. The only reason she knows about anything now is that she has a different address that got registered by the court after her divorce.... Thanks!
  7. Thanks so much for all your time & help! I found a form at the Pinal County Justice Court called "MOTION to SET ASIDE / VACATE JUDGMENT ". Is this the correct form? It asks if "an oral argument is requested" or if it will be "by agreement". I am not sure what that means. Is that what you meant by #5 to see if arbitration is available? For the response, would she file the "RESPONSE, REPLY TO MOTION" Form? This form also has a check box that says "Oral Argument Requested". Does she qualify for Rule 23b if it turns out that her husband was served? He was very secretive a
  8. Thank you.... The only problem is, she couldn't afford a divorce attorney and did the divorce herself. She split everything 50/50 including debts. He never responded or revealed any debts...she knew they probably existed but mostly wanted to end the relationship without making him too angry. He is very intimidating and has been trying to hurt her in any way he can.
  9. A friend of mine in Arizona recently divorced her husband. She just received a letter in the mail from JH Portfolio that is a Subpoena for Production and Copying of Documents. She has no income and no assets other than her car. Her husband is a veteran on disability. He is not paying her any spousal support. If they were ever served...most likely they were...he never told her anything about it. Any advice on what she can/should do at this point? Although she has lived in the US for 11 years or more, married to the same man, she never applied for US Citizenship. She would like