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  1. Good afternoon, I am in a dilemma and not sure how to address it. Long story short. I worked for Lyft., Because I had no car, I rented a few different cars from Hertz. The last Hyundai Sonata 2016. When I picked up car, the under body of the bumper was damaged from left to right . Associate said that was the only car that he had, I told him to send me pics, so I have back up in case of them blaming me for the damage, Jan 21 comes around, I turned in the Sonata, I advised the associate that a branch got stuck on the right side of the front bumper when it was raining outside (which left a crack in the bumper) he told me to fill out a Hertz claim form. I did that , marked, on the claim form, only the front bumper has damage (once again the entire underside of bumper was already damaged. Jan 30th, I received my security deposit back . Now, April 2019, a lady calls me out of the blue and tells me "you owe $1000.00 deductible for the Hyundai Sonata that is totaled; First thing I told her, "I want to see evidence, you say I owe you money, wheres the proof." I waited and waited until about a bit over a month later, I get a letter referencing the $1k that I owe them, they sent me some black and white pics. I contacted them, told them I need these pictures in color in order to distinguish everything. So, they took pictures Feb 5th, the car is in a JUNK YARD. An appraisal they sent me on the repairs etc is over $10,000.00. I know I did not do all that damage as they claim. I investigated Hertz online and there is a class action lawsuit going on, however; that attorney cannot take me or add me to his class action suit. I am frustrated that they are trying to get this money from me, when I know dang well, that I did not cause all the damages (they are totally dunning for purported amount due)they are claiming in their pictures and the appraisal. Since I rented the vehicle there have only been 12 miles added to the odometer. Now I just received a letter from a collection agency and it has got me freaked out. So, I have decided to type up, mail certified, and I am going to do a cease and desist for Hertz and the bill collector. Does anyone know of an attorney that I might call that is probono. Or what would you recommend, if anything. Thanks for reading, can't take this stress
  2. Hello I filed a Bk 7 Discharged on 8-15-16, It also has terminated on 8-18-16 did something else happen..argghh I am not sure what the next move would be or what to do now. I filed Pro-per I put my vehicle, in which I owe 10,000.00 but have 3 estimated values narrowing it down to $ 4668.75 due to alot of miles. I placed my car on the following schedules with my bk. Schedule C (form 106C) The property you claim as exempt (state and federal non-bankruptcy exemptions) Schedule D (form 106D) Creditors who have claims secured by property (form 108) Statement of Intention for individuals filing under chapter 7 (I checked: retain the property and redeem it and retain the property and redeem crime victims reparation law) The loan company left me a message the day after the discharge, I am not sure what to do from here. Did I screw this up in order to keep the car? I don't have the money to pay all at once. Thank you
  3. What does it mean in bankruptcy 7 when the trustee's report states the following: # 1) Assets abandoned (without deducting any secured claims): $$$.00 # 2) Assets Exempt: not available, claims scheduled: $$$$.00 # 3) Claims Asserted: not applicable, claims scheduled to be discharged without payment (without deducting the value of collateral or debts excepted from discharge): $$$$.00 I did this BK7 on my own as I am not able to afford and attorney I would just like some input if possible on the meanings of what this is telling me. Thank you in advance
  4. Good evening, I submitted a skeleton packet to the Bankruptcy office in Sacramento on the 29th of April. I just noticed that I have to have the Verification and Master Address submitted by Friday 5-6-16. I have a couple of questions that I cannot seem to find the answers to ; 1) Do I include my student loans (I am still in school, they are deferred until 2017) on the "Master Address list?" 2) I am still receiving "settlement offer letters" for things that were "charged off" on my credit report, shall I put those on the Master address list as well? 3) There is a lawsuit against me that I have responded too, I believe I put that on the list, But; do I put the attorneys information or the Original Creditors address etc? Sorry for all of the questions
  5. Hello, Well, I filed with the General Denial, attorney fees are waived, Here is what I just received. What can be recommended I do now? PLease help 1) Settlement Opportunity from the Attorney. It states the following: Dear xxxxxx As you are aware our office has been retained by XXX XX with regard to the above-referenced action. We rec'd a copy of your Answer to the Complaint. I am writing to see if you are interested in discussing the matter in an effort to reach an agreement and thereby avoid the necessity of discovery, a trial or further action. If you would like to discuss a repayment plan or settlement, (please contact my legal assistant bla bls bla 999-999-9999) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Attached to this "Settlement Opportunity" letter is : Requests for Admissions Proof of Service
  6. I want to say thank you to everyone for your help with this matter. Without this forum, I would not have been able to do this. The Sacramento Law Library downtown, reviewed my document and made sure that the "General Denial" was the one to use, and it was. Appreciate it tons, may God bless each and everyone of you that are here helping people that need advise.
  7. Posted 19 hours ago ยท Report post Bump Do I type anything in the blue box in the middle of the document? Also, I have read on a few different forums to type on the answer something about "arbitration" or "jury trial" can you elaborate on those two and if that is something I might want to do? Thank you so very much by the way
  8. Thank you for your input, I figured it was a scam. My main concern is my social security number all over the place. Keeping emails in case there is a problem later.
  9. I have received a few emails from a debt collection agency without a contact phone number. My concern is They put my social security number in big fonts throughout the body of the email. I don't owe anyone the amount they are requestion. It is very scary knowing that someone is blasting my social all over the internet. What (if anything) can I do?
  10. Do I type anything in the blue box in the middle of the document? Also, I have read on a few different forums to type on the answer something about "arbitration" or "jury trial" can you elaborate on those two and if that is something I might want to do? Thank you so very much by the way
  11. March 29th @ 8:30 pm In the "complaint for money" # 2 it says fictitious names I uploaded my docs and have them if there is anything that you would like to see. Any help is truly appreciated.
  12. Credit card debt. $3600.00 appRox. im just overwhelmed, trying to get my daughter into a safe environment. Then this thing is served to me. Plus I am on county general assistance, so they can't get anything out of me. I would like to answer and get at least that part out of my face.
  13. Good evening, I am at my wits end trying to figure out how to answer this summons I received on March 29, 2016 at my place. I have been reading the forums and was thinking maybe I should do the "general denial" form. I on the complaint it states "the true names and capacities, of defendants named herin as DOES 1 through 5, inclusive, are unknown to plaintiff, who therefore sues said defendants by such ficticious names, and plaintiff will amend this complaint to show their true names and capacities when the same have been ascertained." Quick overview of my story, Feb 2014 out on disability from work, exhausted disability went to unemployment, lost unemployment Feb 2015.. since then I have been struggling. Now fighting for custody of my daughter in the courts currently, I am in need of bugtime help. Oh, I am not working, going through some disability challenges. Thank you for whatever help I am able to get.
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