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  1. They are doing both. They changed my report from a charge off to now showing closed in collections. I have about 50 different number that I have blocked and tons of voice mails that are automated from them.
  2. Hi all, I have searched everywhere and cannot seem to find a suitable answer. There is a debt on my credit report that was defaulted on back in 2014, the creditor had the account listed as a charge off and over the past few years they changed that status from Charge off to Closed and no are trying to collect on said debt. Along with this the collections account is now accruing interest along with the original debt and has more than doubled from the original charge off amount. The creditor is using an internal collections agency apparently which is Transworld Systems Inc. Is it legal to do this? Also I do not show Transworld Systems Inc registered in Texas with a bond to collect? I am based in Texas and wondering if this is legal for them to do?
  3. So I would appreciate some assistance in this matter if possible. I had another PRA suit, but this time I paid an attorney to fight and PRA dropped the suit. I have attached letter from court. They are still reporting this debt on my credit reports even though they dropped suit. This debt will be 4 years old as of March 1 2019 which is when I made my last payment on this credit card. Can someone please advise a logical next step? How do you go about fighting credit card debt that is past the 4 year SOL in Texas? new doc 2018-05-16 10.55.28_20180516105537.pdf
  4. Does anyone understand how to fill out the JAMS form? Last time I was sued I did a general denial and brought my MTC Private contractual arbitration to court. Judge denied my MTC and entered a judgement against me. This time around my case is for $4875.00 and I am entering my answer asking for arbitration right at the start in hopes they will back off. But looking at the JAMS forms I am not sure how to fill out the nature of dispute
  5. Well PRA just bought another one of my debts that was charged off. I lost the first suit I want to be prepared for this one.
  6. I do have one question. Once a debt is dropped and PRA loses what happens to it? Does it go to another JDB?
  7. I lost in court when o requested arbitration. Judge didn't want to hear anything I had to say
  8. @joeblow69 I waited until today to try and file the MTC arbitration at my trail. I had 0 luck, Judge didn't even read my motion nor did he look at my credit card agreement. I did have an affidavit completed which I had the court clerk notarize before I went into the courtroom. I am not sure what county you are in but I am in Dallas County in Texas. Judge gave PRA their judgement against me so if you still have time I would go ahead and file the arbitration before your court date so it can be reviewed beforehand. Good luck, wish I could be of more help but just wanted to share what I went through today.
  9. I apologize, I was just following what @texasrocker recommended as far as making a posting under arbitration, where someone with more insight could possibly help me.
  10. So I had a loss today in court against PRA, Dallas County court. I asked the Judge if I could MTC arbitration but he basically said my card member agreement was null and void because PRA owns the debt and proved so by showing a purchase agreement. I had a copy of the card member agreement with me but he didn't even look at it, already had the arbitration area highlighted for him. I am attaching the docs I got back with my card member agreement as well. Other members say that its possibly because there is a clause in the arbitration saying the debt can be sold, etc etc. I cannot quote that here because this is a different thread. Attached is the thread I originally posted about the loss. Anyone here have some info I what I can do next in this case? I feel I was not given the chance I should have been given.
  11. Thank you @texasrocker I will definitely find out in the arbitration section.
  12. Yeah I think they would be stuck on that issue because I am a 1099 Contractor so, they would have very little luck garnishing my wages.
  13. Yeah I think they would be stuck on that issue because I am a 1099 Contractor so, they would have very little luck garnishing my wages.
  14. I want to appeal because I think the Judgement was unfair and possibly the Judge already had his mind made up but then I am not sure if it is worth it in the end for $1100 dollars. Any guess why the Attorney would say he was still willing to settle even though he won the Judgement? What was kind of weird.
  15. I was at the courthouse early, I asked the clerk if I could file the MTC Arbitration and she said I could not do so that I had to wait to go in front of the Judge and present it to him at that time. If he accepts it then it would be put on record.