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  1. thank you so much for the reply.. I am sorry if it been answered a million times on this forum about my question so a safe rule of thumb would be probably like a month or 3 months to be safe to apply for a secure card.
  2. I apologize, if this question been answered million times here, but how soon after a person files Chapter 7 Bankruptcy he/she does get credit card offers or how soon can a person apply for a secure credit card to build credit, Once, again I do apologize if this been answered a million times.
  3. I can honestly, say if it sounds to good to be true it is, I know many people have mentioned that and I really did sign up and now I realized from speaking with attorney I may have to file bankruptcy since I was a victim who got screwed, even though they work with another third party company called XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, and they always kept calling me to stop me from filing but I have to since they really don't help. I recommend be very wary of them if you are signed up or not.