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  1. Good luck to you Brotherdale. As for the comment from Goody_Ochless, thanks for your reply, but I can assure you I'm NOT Midland. My experience was very stressful and all I'm trying to do is help anyone I can. I do understand your suspicion, but I'm just a regular working guy who defended himself in court.
  2. This is my personal experience on how I beat Midland Funding, LLC twice in court and is not legal advice, but I will share what worked for me. Also, I want to thank Credit Info Center and all the people who wrote in the forums sharing their experience as well. The First Lawsuit I first received a letter from the attorney who was acting as a debt collector representing Midland and at the time I was already familiar with the validation process thanks to this website, so I sent a debt validation letter to the attorney. What they sent back was a joke and most of what I requested