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  1. So you're saying it's the sole discretion of the judge to grant extension after extension if he or she so chooses? There's no limit on these? Also if the process server lied on the affidavit for non-service for the original summons and I can prove it, does that make a difference? Thanks again.
  2. The initial lawsuit was filed prior to the SOL. However, service never took place and plaintiff attorney filed for a 'Motion for Enlargement of Time' three (3) months after the SOL Expired. The judge granted the motion supposedly giving plaintiff another 120 days in which to serve. Since this motion for the extension was filed those 3 months after expiration of the SOL expired, my question is whether or not it would still be valid? Thank you for responding...
  3. @Clydesmom I appreciate your responding to my question. I am interested however, in whether your response is merely your opinion or is it based on a specific Florida statute? I am further interested in whether or not you're a licensed attorney well versed in Florida civil procedure? Thank you.
  4. I have a question concerning statute of limitation on credit card debt in the state of Florida. I have a credit card debt that will reach its "SOL" on June 1, 2016. I recently became aware that a collections atty filed a lawsuit against me on April 12, 2016. My question is: If I were to be served with a summons on June 2nd or beyond, would the case be dismissed because the SOL expired on June 1st, or would a judge allow the case to continue because the lawsuit was filed prior to the actual expiration of the SOL?
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