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  1. I called my dealership on the 13th of March, 2017 and asked him some questions pertaining to a new car on their lot. I informed him that I would be trading in my 2016 vehicle on this new purchase if the deal was right. There were some good incentives on this vehicle and I was under the impression that I would qualify with a Ford Motor Credit auto loan on this vehicle. Both of my vehicles are through Ford Motor Credit. The next day on the 14th I arrived on the lot and they did appraisal value on my trade in vehicle. I authorized for credit with Ford Motor Credit and I found out through my Equif
  2. I disputed 9 different trade lines on my credit report with T/U on 12/30/16. I received a email notifying me to go online to check the finished results. 6 different items stated new information on them, so I printed the C/R on 12/30/16 and compared the newest from 1/31/17. 4 of them have no change in anyway shape or form. What can I do since they informed me that there was new information and the report is identical as prior. Please Advise
  3. How does one start a arbitration claim against Verizon and CRA?
  4. Thank You so much for all of the information. I have filed a dispute with Equifax and will go from there. Again, Thanks
  5. This is from a letter I received from a debt collector whom was representing Verizon Wireless back in 2015. I was aware of my neglect for not paying Verizon but confused on to how the amount came to some plus $400.00 dollars. The debt collector agreed for a deletion to my credit report verbally so I settled for a little over 50% of the $400.00. The debt collector stated that the unpaid balance was from receiving 2 boxes for our land line into the house. I told them I tried to hook up and they did not work and Verizon local store would not take them back as a credit. After no relief I agreed to
  6. I was just informed by Verizon Wireless that it is illegal to negotiate a settlement with a agreement that the entry from OC or debt. collector be deleted on one trade line with the CRA's, it that true and where does it state that in the FCRA laws?
  7. I have a collection on my credit report that was settled with a debt collector. The amount of the settled debt is incorrect on my credit report. I called the collection agency and they informed me that they do not report this on my trade line with the 3 CRA's. Verizon was there client and that Verizon reports this information. I do not have this in writing but the collection agency told me that after the last payment it would be deleted from my Credit Report. Verizon informs me that pay for delete is illegal. Is that true?
  8. Does a collection that is paid less that the full amount owed have a bigger negative impact on ones credit score verse a charge off that was settled and paid a lesser amount with a zero balance?
  9. I have a collection account that I settled by paying for less than the full amount. My credit reports shows Status - Collection Account with 0 balance. Shouldn't the trade line say paid collection account, or settled with 0 balance?
  10. When does a charge off, paid collection fall of ones credit report? Is it 7 years from the last payment or 7 years from the first delinquency?
  11. I have negotiated a settlement with a debt collector and agreed to make a one time lump sum payment in xxx amount of dollars next month. This will be a full and final settlement of the case which was through the Municipal Court within the state I live in. After receipt of the settlement check the attorney will file a dismissal with prejudice with the court. Additionally the collection agency's attorney will remove any negative past due references on my credit report. Please advise if this is enough to send as proof to the CRA and have this completely removed from my credit report after t
  12. I have a civil suite against me by a collection agency and the creditor is Capital One card services. I show two collection accounts on my credit report and the agency that is suing me has mailed me exhibits with account numbers on them. I have disputed the Capital One Card Services account and they have mailed me back a copy of the dispute and have informed me the information is correct. The account # the collection agency has mailed me on a statement is not the same account # on my credit report report that is in collections. A trial date is coming soon and shouldn't this be dismissed becaus
  13. The CA (The Bureaus ) complaint through municipal is not going very well. Our first phone conference the plaintiff stated that they had sent me the first set of interrogatories which I stated I have received. I had a attorney help fill them out and I sent them my interrogatories to then within the 28 day limit. On our 2nd phone conference a representative for CA (different person than the first) stated that they were considering dropping the case due to lack of answers and papers to prove this case. The judge asked them to respond my interrogatories before the final status conference on the 2
  14. The balance dates are different due to me settling with HSBC last year, Cach LLC. The Bureaus Investment Group is suing on the Capital One Card and that is why its most recent. Fridays status Conference with The Bureaus went OK. The Judge ordered a reply by final status conference on June 24th, 16. The lawyer confirms that it is having a difficult time finding the paper work. He mentioned that they are considering closing the complaint. Judge mentioned that I should mail the attorneys with The Bureaus a copy of my credit report showing the paid collections with CACH LLC. with HSBC origin