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  1. @Anon Amos so glad you guys are here to give me tips and information on how to change my mindset and fight back!
  2. Thanks for the words of encouragement. My head was spinning when I found I'm being sued and felt I had no choice but to settle. Fighting this case was not even an option until I found this website!
  3. I'll check out the website and see if I can download that information. Oh I'll definitely need help once I get the papers. So much to learn in so little time!
  4. @sadinca what if they sewer serve me .. will I lose the case right away and get money garnished from my bank account? I also read that they can go to my work and try to serve my papers there .. (?) @Happybluesky can they come to my house late in the evening (to make sure I'm home)? Sorry, just don't know what to expect.
  5. @Happybluesky I didn't know they post it on the newspaper!! I can access some information about my case using my own computer (pls scroll up, I posted what is currently listed on the court's website), but it doesn't have specifics (like account #, how much I owe, etc). Im about 45 mins away (without traffic) from the courthouse, that's why I'm also hesitant to go. I just hope I don't get served any time soon so nervous!!
  6. @RyanEX, after reading all the comments, I do think it's best to wait. Meanwhile, I will do my research, gather as much info, etc.. Thank you for that link! @sadinca great! I will .. Thanks, All of you are so awesome!
  7. We plan on moving (in the same city) next month. Should I notify the court / PRA of the address change? I'm just afraid I won't get the summons/complaint .. what happens then?
  8. Ohhh, thank you for the clarification , @Anon Amos .. All new to this. Ive been reading other threads and some of the shortcuts/lingo, I still don't understand what they mean.
  9. When I look up my case on the court's website, this is what it says (please see below) I'm not sure if there were any attempts made to serve me, or if there's anything important at this time. Case Number: ---- PORTFOLIO RECOVERY ASSOCIATES VS. --- Court: LosAngeles Courthouse Filing Date: May2016 Case Type: COLLECTIONS CASE (Limited Jurisdiction) Status: Unknown disposition Future Hearings 04/17/2019
  10. Hi @sadinca! Thank you!!! I'm really glad I stumbled upon this website. There's a ton of knowledgeable and helpful people I will find time this week/next week to go to court and request a copy. It will probably be to my advantage to know what's in the complaint and have plenty of time to prepare my response. Thank you again, and I will definitely stick around until this nightmare is over
  11. Thank you all for your information/advice. I will go to other California threads and do my research. By the way, does anyone know why my hearing date was scheduled over 2 years from now?