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  1. National collegiate trust is the servicer of the loan. The loan has been bought by Scott and associates,PC. My dad nor sister have never been served, so we never knew anything about a lawsuit until now. 

  2. Recently, I have been on a crusade to fix mine and my sisters credit. We both took out student loans in 2007 through the same company. We defaulted on the loan and it went into collections. I have been studying SC laws and the fair consumer act practices  religiously. I found that there is a statute of limitations in SC of two years. I was relieved. I drew up a dispute letter stating the statute of limitations and sent it to all three credit agencies. Three weeks later, I check mine and my sisters credit report and the loans were completely removed, my letters worked! Unfortunately, the debt collector reached my sister three days ago, convinced her that if she didn't pay up her and my dad (cosigner) would be sued. She panicked and paid $1000.00 to them. She did not sign any contracts. I looked her up to see if there was a judgment against her and there is, but I am confused at how this works and what we need to do moving forward. I have attached the court documents. Someone, anyone please help, i can handle this with just some advice on where to start.