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  1. Update: the hospital is in deep doo doo. They might lose their licensing over this (and other things, of course). I have about 10 more days to wait until the agency dealing with them has to get back to me to see exactly what is going to happen. I am going to file against the CA. I have them cold in black and white. I just want this off my reports ASAP and I don't care how it happens or who initiates it. I have the feeling that they will only delete it once they know their backs are up against the wall. I like waiting until I know I have at least double the amount in violations than what the amount of the debt is so it makes negotiations easier. EQ didn't answer because the letter was never delivered. I went to the post office about it yesterday. I am signing up with TU and EQ online and then doing the MOVs over anyway. I am initiating arb against EXP this week. I'll spend the rest of the week preparing like you told me to, @BV80
  2. It's been a very long time since I've received a collection letter or really had to deal with any of this. I'll save this letter to add to the other violations I am sure they will commit. I'm the one who gets the mail every day,I open every single piece of mail that comes addressed to me and I've lived at the same address for 5 years. I have not received anything else from them. I also sent out my DV the same day i received their letter. I will report back when and if they respond to it.
  3. Yes, it's the first communication I've received from them. Wouldn't a second letter have some verbiage like, "We've reached out before" , "This is our last attempt", etc.? I've looked these people up and they're everything horrible with the complaints, lawsuits, etc.
  4. My DV letter is on its way to them via CMRRR as I type this. I had to Google the name to figure out who the OC was. The bill is from an out of town ER visit from more than 2 years ago. The suspended registration address is not the same as the one on the letter (there are 2; one for CA and the other for NJ - both P.O. boxes). The address for the other business name matches the one on their hinky looking website, but doesn't match anything on the letter. I found out the other name from Google. Isn't it supposed to tell me I have 30 days to dispute the debt and that I have to notify them within thirty days in writing that I dispute it (FDCPA) ? That's not anywhere on the letter.
  5. I haven't actually received a dunning letter in YEARS (some have claimed to send them, but I haven't actually received one) until today. I couldn't even make heads or tails of it, it was so weird (my last name is even spelled incorrectly). Help me pick out the violations, please (I'm in California). Here it is, redacted. P.S. This account has nothing to do with Chase, it's a medical bill. The name that they are attempting to collect under is Chase Receivables and that registration via the California SoS is suspended. However, their original name (that is not named anywhere on the letter they sent me) is Credit Bureau of Napa County, Inc. and that is the one they have kept good with the SoS. Epson_06132016234631.pdf Epson_06132016233051 (1).pdf
  6. I had a legal issue many years ago and called numerous attorneys. No one would take the case. Some said I had no case, others told me what I found out later to be untrue. Thinking I was sunk, I summoned the strength to dial just ONE more number. He answered the phone, listened to me, then told me to come in with my paperwork and speak to him as soon as I could. I took him the paperwork I had and then right in front of me at that first meeting after we talked, he called the other attorney and had him stuttering. He settled that case with ONE phone call and proceeded to represent me for the next 10 years. Many times people can not admit that something is over their head and attempt to make it seem as if it is you that is the problem. If he was still practicing law, I am sure he would have sewn this up by now. I'm rather happy that they declined to take my case. Neither asked to meet me in person and neither saw my entire file. It's like a mechanic telling you that there is nothing wrong with your car while only looking under the hood. @BV80 The code is California Health & Safety Code ยง 127400. I've been referring to it as AB774 for so long that I never use the code. Thanks for pointing that out! I've been dehydrated for the last 2 days and literally just returned from getting an IV at urgent care, so I will be more clear headed now.
  7. Hospital: Violated AB774 (California law) by reporting the debt to their collection agency. I was not covered at the time and let them know that. I have letters from the collection agency stating that I did tell them in the hospital. They (and/or their collection agency) are unable to report the debt for 150 days just for that alone. I also attempted several times to inform them that I should have been covered and attempted to negotiate something with them to handle that until my insurance reviewed everything and paid. They refused to at first, then when I escalated it, flat out ignored me (I sent a letter to their President and CEO CMRRR). That is also a violation spelled out in AB774; that if the patient is attempting to negotiate a settlement, that the debt can not be reported. Hospitals are required by law to adhere to AB774 or they can lose their licensing. The hospital also overcharged me (people who are not insured can only be charged a certain amount); they also charged me 4 to 7 times for things they only did once. Collection agency: Reported the debt as in default the SAME MONTH I WAS IN THE HOSPITAL. The hospital doesn't even generate a bill for at least 4 weeks and it was during the holidays. As I stated above, AB774 is not only for the hospital, but it specifically mentions their collection agency as well. The CA also has reported different things on the different CRAs. They called me once after their received my complaint to the California Attorney General. In their letter to the AG, however, they wove a tapestry of lies, claiming that they sent me dunning letters (which they are in fact notorious for NOT doing) and called me numerous times. They're going to have one hell of a time proving that since I've had the same phone number for many years and there isn't a record from any phone company that is going to show that they called me more than that one time. I am glad that all of their lies are in solid black and white. During that phone call, he refused to state that he was a debt collector and demanding payment without even listening to anything I had to say ( I recorded the phone call). They verified it several times and lied about contacting the hospital because I spoke to their billing department and they straight out told me that they never contacted them, let alone during the dates between my dispute and they day it came back verified. I think that covers it. I'll edit this if I re-read it and find that I missed anything. ETA: I've been using Credit Karma since before all of this started. Aren't the reports supplied by TU and EQ? Doesn't that cover me for arbitration? I just checked my reports on it and it says the VantageScore 3.0 provided on Jun 04, 2016 by TransUnion. It says the same for Equifax. I forgot to mention that the collection agency has my DOFD as the same month as when I received the services.
  8. Which one? The hospital, the collection agency or EQ, EXP and TU? I explained some in my original post. If you mean the CRAs, are you asking about what violations other than not answering the MOV request? Just to recap for the responses to my MOV request: EQ sent nothing. EXP sent their generic response that didn't have anything about the collection account that I requested. TU sent a notice informing me that they placed another temp 90 day fraud alert on my reports, which I didn't ask for. I've only had one person tell me that I can't proceed with EQ and TU due to not being signed up with them yet and what parts of the process I have to redo. Are there any other responses to that (not that I don't believe the person, I just like to hear all views on a subject)?
  9. Thank you again. I know I've seen a sample letter/notice around here somewhere. Any suggestions? I don't want to give them anymore than I need to.
  10. This is what I thought. There had to be a reason for it. And there it is.
  11. Thank you so much for the response. Between you and someone who gave me additional advice in a PM, I am going to initiate arb ASAP.
  12. I've done cases like this on my own and did incredibly well, but things have changed a little bit since I last did them. I haven't needed one before, so I don't see why I need one now. I just negotiated against a well known corporate litigator for mid 5 figures for a small number of inquiries. Besides, for a large 5 defendant suit I had, I couldn't get anyone to take the case. And the violations on all 5 were clear as day. I'm in CA and most are all about how much money they can make here. To heck with them. I'll do it myself. I just like to make sure all my Ts are crossed and Is are dotted. They won't expect that I even know about arb and with their own statement (on paper), opened the door to it themselves. They can't attempt to bury me in paperwork in arb and will likely settle.
  13. Thanks, FHC! Don't I have to send a Demand Letter to their General Counsel first per their arb agreement?
  14. Oh, I know. I just kind of assumed all of that was going to happen. I was always that annoying kid in class raising my hand and asking questions. I also did debate, so I like to see things from the view of other people. Keeps me sharp. lol
  15. What would their bonafied error defense be? How would that happen suddenly after all of this time? Sorry about the reaging thing. I'm reading too much at once. lol