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  1. Hi, I am new to credit repair, so I have a ton of questions. First, in 2013 a creditor filed a case against me and won a judgment by default. I wasn't home when the papers were served, so I had no idea of the claim. I would have fought the claim, because I had purchased insurance for the debt. Long story short, an illness resulted in a job loss and loan default. The creditor wouldn't process my insurance claim for the debt, because all of these events occurred within three months of the account being opened and they stated my account was not old enough to use the insurance for the debt. So, here I am. The judgment was filed and remains. My question is this: Is it legal for the OC to continue reporting the account as a charge off? Also, the debt has been sold and a third party collection agency is also reporting the debt as a charge off. So, this one account is hitting my credit three times! A judgement and two charge offs. Any advice is appreciated.
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