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  1. I'm new here as well, Troy, so I will let the more experienced among us provide you an answer. However, have a couple of questions for you. Did CFC purchase your delinquent account from Baptist Medical or are they collecting on behalf of Baptist Medical and any payments are to be made to Baptist Medical? Also, when you say they reached out to you, was this through mail or phone call? Do you have two bills with them? or was the 653 an offer made to you in lieu of the 1348?
  2. Thank you @BV80. I just read it wrong. I thought that was referring to those that had extended credit to you so they could review your accounts for collection. Guess I"m interpreting things the way I want them to be to get out of this lawsuit.
  3. I'm new to this site and am having a hard time figuring out what falls within the legal realm. I've been served by a large JDB (prefer not to enter names as I know they review this information). I looked at my credit report and noticed the lawyers they have hired have made inquiries into my credit report. I was under the impression that only certain "types" such as creditors, employers (with permission), landlords, etc were allowed to do so and as debt collectors are not considered creditors they could not do so. Maybe I misunderstood, so will someone please put legal verbiage into plain E