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  1. PNC is just my bank where I had my personal bank accounts that were garnished. The original credit card company was FIA Card Services, which was then transfered to Bank of America and now is Barclays. So Barclays holds the debt and Forester Garbus and Garbus is the law firm representing Barclays. I did go back to the court files from 2010 but this is sketchy too. After they garnished my accounts it appears instead of stating that the judgement is now the amount less the garnished dollars there was a new judgement entered under the same docket number for the lesser amount. But when it
  2. Hi Everyone - Thank you in advance for any advice you have on the below matter. In 2010 FIA Card Services got a judgement against me for around $9700. They garnished over $7000 from my PNC Bank account and the rest I setup a payment plan to pay off. Recently when I went to get a loan I discovered that the judgement was still in place and for the full amount. When I went to contact the Law Firm that was on my original judgement I found out they were no longer in business. The debt was transferred to another law firm and was then under the name of Bank of America. That law firm has als
  3. Unfortunately I do not have exact dates. When they would miss a pickup we would call them to let them know. They would always say, "OK, no problem we will send someone out to do an extra pickup". No one ever came and then on the next pickup day the garbage was gone. This left nothing to complain about until we got billed for all the pickups. When we would complain they would just say we will give you an extra pickup this month. We are a small company so the bin was never that full and we could not keep up with the missed pickups. The service got worse when one day they came out to paint
  4. I am getting sued by my garbage company (for my business). I'm hoping someone can help me understand if this termination clause from their contract will help my case. DEFAULT, TERMINATION. If, During the Term, either party shall be in breach of or default under any provision of this Agreement ("Default"), the other party may, at its option, (i)suspend its performance until such default is corrected and the non-defaulting party has been fully compensated for any loss resulting from such a fault, or (ii)terminate this Agreement, provided, however, that no termination shall be effective unt