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  1. Thanks for the advice... And yeah i know its going to be a long road back but I really have no fear of being sued by any of these creditors(the vast majority are easily past 2012). The few things working in my favor are the fact that as I stated before I do have a good job now so I have more ability to pay things off as well as a little more leverage when negotiating settlements simply because i can usually do most lump sum options, and as far as recent history from 2014-now, I have one bad debt I'm in the process of paying off, and everything else from that point(insurance/utility/vehice loa
  2. Not sure what the correct group to post this is because it could go anywhere.... I'll apologize in advance for being overly wordy(i ramble lol). Ok, So here's the details: I'm 31 years old, had great credit in my early 20s, then got involved with substance abuse - long story short got addicted to pain medication thanks to an injury as a result from an accident and ended up being a straight up "junkie" - vehicle ended up repod, got divorced, racked up some CC debts, various cable bills/cell phone plans, a major hospital bill, and other debts, and basically skipped out on all of em for years. Th